Thursday, August 21, 2008

Barrel o' Fun

If a crazy, shirtless, obese, old man wearing a barrel and cowboy hat cheers for the Broncos, then how do you get to Boulder, CO.? Think about it and leave a comment.

I don't like Denver, mountains scare me. I prefer a large lake or broad, green field full of dairy cows. To each his own, I guess. However, Denver is a place of reminiscing and celebration for Packer fans as of late. It is where Ryan Grant burst on the GB scene, and Greg Jennings made himself a household name last year. Good times. Tomorrow's game in Denver will say many things about this year's Packer team, foremost: they have one preseason game left.

Placing any sort of stock in preseason games is like evaluating your team based on the amount of money you spent on free agents in the off-season, it really doesn't translate to on the field success. Take heart Packer fans, September is right around the corner, when wins and beer cans start piling up as high as the Rockies. Coors sucks!

Tracy White Fact of the Day: According the New England Journal of Medicine, Tracy White is the only person whose own muscles have broken through their skin. During a bench press competition in college, White’s right bicep flexed so hard it tore a 4 inch lesion in his skin. After stitching it closed with his shoelace, White saw a specialist who only had one solution for his recovery: get weaker. It is believed he is the only person in medical history whose physical therapy was to do....nothing. True.

1 comment:

  1. Last year, White was the No. 4 linebacker, but this year, he’s probably the seventh best behind Chillar, Bishop and Hodge. But White will be especially hard to cut because he’s perhaps the best special-teams player on the roster.-GB Press Gazette

    Ha, ha, ha! "perhaps." Ha, ha, aaaah-hahaaaa! "perhaps." Whew! aaahhhhh-hahaaHAAA! I think roster wa confused with planet.


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