Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Give me what I want and I will be good

Occasional Thought: There are things in life that are flexible. The Packers are not one of those things.

Part of the problem with having a new boss is explaining my unique situation. For the last five years, I’ve had a mutual understanding with my former manager Todd that Saturdays-Tuesdays during the football season = Me Time. Those days are specifically reserved for Packer things like tailgating, Green and Gold parties, Ranter promotions, watching the games, etc…plus one hangover day.

Even though Todd was an uptight hairy troll, he was also a Packer fan so he let it slide as long as I worked my tail off delivering pizzas those three days I did come into work. Well Todd’s gone and I just found out this new manager dude, Keith, is like a computer nerd from Iowa (where they don’t even have a team). I get the feeling this is really going to suck. Even in the worst-case scenario of your boss being a Bears fan, there’d still be the outside chance of connecting on some remote level where football and passion meet.

As a sign of my generosity, I am committing the plate of pickled perch I was saving for the final preseason game toward the negotations. This will no doubt set the tone. I will be honest, tactful and steadfast. And I will get want I want.

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