Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harrell makes me want to hurl sometimes

For the love of tailgating, how come every time I hear about Justin Harrell it’s yet another footnote that he’s still rehabbing, or sidelined by undisclosed injuries, or that he’s overweight, or might need another surgery….YARGH! To get a taste of what I’m talking about, just visit his Yahoo player page News & Notes. From August 10-21 alone, there’s 21 freaking mentions of Harrell’s general travesty as a Packer thus far.

Apparently the guy’s got all the potential in the world. Good. Great. Grand. The Packer faithful and myself would really like to see some. I blame Ted Thompson. If your drafting “genius” can find gems like James Jones in the 3rd and Mason Crosby in the 6th, than I’d like to imagine your 1st-round pick would be Walter Payton Jr. At the very least a healthy starter. Maybe this just goes to show you don’t take chances on injury-prone players in the first round. I’m not ready to label Harrell a bust yet. But if he sits out of the 2008 season because of a totally avoidable surgery (the current rumor), then a bust he shall be. Prove me wrong, Justin. Please.

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  1. Harrell’s back injury, which required surgery in April, has created major problems at defensive tackle. He’s on the PUP list and appears likely to remain there at the start of the season, so he won’t be eligible to return until after the sixth game. The Packers are saying he should be able to play this year, but that’s not a given. -GB Press Gazette

    What a chump.


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