Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things will be A-OK with A-Rodge I think

Anytime someone calls me a Simpleton, I always respond the same: “Thank you.”

That’s because I am a simple man, just not in the way they’re talking about. More than anyone else I know, I have been blessed with the ability to cut complicated crap down to its essence. In other words, I simplify things. And Monday night during the Pack’s preseason game, I had a epiphany of the simple kind……the PACKERS ARE AWESOME.

Just like realizing when you flex your right arm in the mirror it’s actually your left bicep that bulges big (and vice versa), or that it’s probably that Sunday bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 that gave you the runs at work on Monday, knowing that the Green & Gold is going to dominate this year no matter who’s at QB relaxes me a little. I’m sure my nervous hyperactive temper will get the best a me a few times this season, but for now I can sleep with my eyes closed, for the Packers are awesome.

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