Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Glasses = smarts

With the burden of my supreme knowledge, comes the responsibility of sharing that knowledge with those of lesser mental capacities. Does this sound arrogant? If so, that is not my intent, I am merely informing you of the cross I bear week-to-week in bringing you insightful tidbits of Packers’ analysis.

I point out Friday’s Packers/Broncos game as an example. Much was made of the inverse-goateed Aaron Rodgers’ stellar performance. The praise was rightfully bestowed. Lost in the 27-24 victory was how the Packers actually won in the fourth quarter. Lumpkin scored from the one you say? True, but how did the Packers get the ball? It was on a Broncos turnover. What was the turnover? It was an interception by none other than Tracy White Light/White Heat. Why is this relevant, you ask? Because I’ve been trying to impress on the Packer faithful what #59 means to the team and the upcoming season for a year. Hopefully, it is beginning to sink in.

It has become hard being right all the time. I get the feeling that John Clayton has felt this way for the better part of his life. Am I comparing myself to the greatest football mind on the planet? Of course not, but do you see the resemblance? It is uncanny.

Tracy White Fact of the Day: It is apparent Ted Thompson fears no man (except RG and FH), but he will never, ever trade or release Tracy White… we’ll just say out of “respect”. True.

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