Thursday, September 4, 2008

17th annual Packer Ranter fantasy draft

Sunday afternoon Robert and I had our 17th annual fantasy football draft (I believe we invented it, although is has been modified way beyond a recognizable form). The draft took place in Hudson, WI, just across the Wisconsin/Minnesota border. The location is necessary, as I currently reside in MN. Robert refuses to set foot in the Land of 10,000 Losses - in fact, I don’t think he’s ever even been out of WI before. I believe the quote was, “I’ve got all the bratwurst, cheese and Old Milwaukee I need right here. Why would I leave?”

Anyway, I pounded pitchers of New Glarus Spotted Cow while he slammed 30 oz Milwaukee’s Best Ice, saying that he preferred his beer come from vats the size of Lake Winnebago. I prefer the Spotted Cow microbrew that is not available in MN. Spotted Cow keeps it real.

Onto the draft. Our fantasy football league is a little different than the bastardized versions you see now, we only have two teams and a very limited pool of players. The Packer Ranter Fantasy League only includes Packer players, thus making it the best and most exclusive league available. We made an obvious exception this year for the first time: Brett Favre, who is still really a Packer, was available to draft.

Here’s a breakdown of the first four rounds and two rounds of drinks (we keep our priorities straight):

1st Drink: Cheers and slammed our beers to kick off the draft.

1st Round
RG: Ryan Grant FH: Aaron Rodgers
2nd Round
RG: Donald Driver FH: Brett Favre (great trade bait)

2nd Drink: Shot of Jagermeister while Robert proposes trades for Favre.

3rd Round
RG: AJ Hawk FH: Greg Jennings
4th Round
RG: Mason Crosby (Braveleg went earlier than I anticipated) FH: Charles Woodson

Tracy White Note: RG got the steal of the draft in the 10th round, 2 before I had him targeted. That Brett Favre pick will come in handy now.

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