Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad-Ass Special Teamer of the Week (The BASTOW)

Robert inspired me to create a weekly award of my own, I shall call it the Bad-Ass Special Teamer of the Week Award. You may think I wouldn't know B.A. when I see it, but when you have my meager stature you learn to pick B.A.-ness out of a crowd to protect yourself. You also develop shiftiness that is unrivaled by larger individuals. I once won a bet by wearing an Antonio Freeman jersey for 8 hours in one of the seedier areas of Detroit. I managed to avoid all gun and stab wounds, not to mention any blunt force trauma. Those Lions fans are as good at tackling as their team is.

The BASTOW this week goes to Jason Hunter #57. The play of the game may have been Blackmon's 57 yard return, but it wouldn't have happened if not for Hunter absolutely planting Chad Greenway in the Lambeau turf. Hunter made the final block needed to break Blackmon, and did it with authority and enough smarts not to hit Greenway in the back. I posted the picture above not because of Blackmon, but because of the Viking on his knees in the background. You know who that is? Yep, Chad Greenway. Congratulations, Jason Hunter, you get the inaugural BASTOW.

Tracy White Fact of the Day: Tracy White congratulated Jason Hunter on his award, but White privately vowed he will win every BASTOW for the rest of the year. True.

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