Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Come play with us Terrell

If you’ve checked out my profile, you know that The Shining is one of my all time favorite flicks. It’s the kind of movie that sucks the sanity right out and absorbs you into a world of crazy, where everything is like 24/7 drunk on bizarro juice (Tylenol PM taken with Red Bull has a similar effect).

Reminds me of T.O. actually. The guy who has suddenly been embraced like he was the world champion bratwurst of teammates. I’m sorry, did you watch the Cowboys/Eagles game? Owens was a roller coaster of emotion – electroshocked with jubilation after he scored and then on the verge of giving up all hope in life as the Eagles countered. That is not a role model, that’s a founding member of the Insane Clown Posse.

What I’m getting at is this: destroy him emotionally and victory will be ours. It’s on the secondary this week to smash him up, and bang around those marbles in his head like a pinball machine. And who better to light him up than two of our biggest gamers, Atari “Just Press Play” Bigby and Nick "The Quick" Collins, aka the Twin Tornadoes. World of crazy…welcome to a world of hurt.

Packers 31, Cowboys 20


  1. I agree. Knock them out early with a couple scores and defensive stops, then put your foot on their throat. Don't go back and forth with them like the Eagles.

  2. Emmer Effer! Looks like Bigby is out this game. Aaron Rouse - STEP UP.

  3. Bobby, is that you?

    Great Idea with the Packer Ranter thing.

    Jeez, I haven't seen you since the Snow concert at the Brown County Arena in '93. Hope all is well!

    If we protect Rodgers this weekend, Dallas Doesn't stand a chance!



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