Thursday, September 4, 2008

Careful, Careful

Some things never change. I know, I know. Brett is gone, we have a couple O-line "starters" out, and the Vikings are slotted to play in the Super Bowl. I know already. We are young and inexperienced. Are you done yet?

Here at Packer Ranter, we know Uncle Ted and the boys have been there before.We have won, and expect to win. A lot of noise has come out of the Twin Cities the past couple weeks. This is a Packer Blog, so I'm not talking about the Republican National Convention. (By the way, eBay was soooo 2006.) I'm talking about letting your mouth do the talking rather than your play in the field.

We don't need any bulletin board material here in the great State of Wisconsin – this is just another game on the schedule. We haven't waited the entire offseason to play this single game against a division foe – we have waited this entire season to begin our quest for a Super Bowl Title. Chilly and the Big Talkers should take a little time off from obsessing about the Packers and learn a little something about being a professional.

Speak softly and carry a big stick. You will go far.

Packers 24
Vikings 17

Let the new era begin and expect more of the same out of Green Bay.

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