Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This One Hurts

I’m not sure what was more depressing about Sunday’s loss to Tampa Bay. Was it that with 3 picks and a game-ending injury that Rodgers suddenly looked fragile, or was it the highlights of Favre in a throwback uniform going for 6 touchdowns in New York?

The answer, I think, is neither. This loss rests on the hairy shoulders of the offensive line. With Scott Wells back and Ryan Grant supposedly healthy, Sunday was supposed to be our breakout running game. Instead, Tampa’s D broke broke though our protection like a squirrel-crazed Rottweiler does a plywood fence. In the end, Grant was held to 20 yards on 15 carries and Rodgers looked like he was playing one-on-five. What’s worse, we let the 35-year old Derrick Brooks act as though he was trying out for the next Spider-Man movie. It was painful to watch.

If we can’t shore up the O-line, we’re going to find out how good Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm are because Rodgers is going to get annihilated back there. Here's to getting our crap together...


  1. Hear, hear.

    I read that the Packers had to truck in 5 more whirlpools and 2 trucks of ice to begin to treat all the maladies that arose after this game.

    In my day, you rubbed some dirt on it and at most, had the trainer tape it back together.

  2. I don't know when my day was.


  3. Mr. Hillside, Will there be a week 4 BASTOW?

    A-Rod will play for fear of Packer fans everywhere calling him a lady ... seperated shoulder? The G.O.A.T. played nearly an entire season with a broken thumb on his throwing hand.

    We need Atari back, I feel like his presence will help against the run game.

    Chuck Woodson is a TD machine.

    Jordy "Can't live without your love and affection" Nelson has been getting more and more PT. Who is this worse for, James Jones or Ruvell Martin?

  4. No week 4 BASTOW. No one earned it. There was a distinct lack of bad-assness at Tampa.

    James Jones.

    Charles Woodson has two more TDs than Ryan Grant and 1 more than Donald Driver.

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