Friday, October 17, 2008

Agenda - Packer Ranter Extended Weekend

6pm - Franklin packs for trip out of MN: fishing pole and tackle box, LeRoy Butler #36 long-john's (just in case), four can coozies: 1) Miller Lite, 2) How think you drunk I am? 3) Away-White, 4) Home-Green
9pm - Robert packs toothbrush and toilet paper.
11:57pm - Unable to sleep Franklin compiles Special Teams stats from the preseason, threatens #58 under his breath so his beagle Hutson doesn't wake up.
11:59pm - Unable to sleep Robert reviews O-line play of the '08 home games. Weeps at number of penalties.
12pm - Franklin leaves for cabin where the weekend's festivities begin.
12:20pm - Franklin reaches Wisconsin border....ahhh, the Motherland.
5:00pm - Meet at White Lake tavern. Robert purchases Jagerbombs from preseason Brett/Aaron bet.
5:05pm - Franklin purchases 2nd round Jagerbomb from Justin Harrell bet. 7:15pm - Hustle underage F.I.B's at darts. Tell them to come back when they are of age and bring some girls next time too.
9:30pm - Strategic planning meeting by the campfire. Tentative topics of discussion: Rodgers' shoulder, Tracy White's absence on Special Teams, Al Harris' spleen, The Bikini Girls, turkey or beef jerkey for the game?
10:45pm - Beef jerkey is decided for the game. Turkey jerky eaten now.
9:30am - Email friends of the Ranter tailgating plans
11am - Marinate knackwurst overnight in Franklin's secret sauce
1-3pm - Watch Colts game tapes from this season. Detail Robert's Tercel.
9:30pm - Head back to tavern to talk with CPL, Crazy Packer Lady (she usually has us spread any ashes of her cats that have died in the Lambeau Parking lot)
SUNDAY6am - Green & Gold pancakes.
7am - Head to Lambeau. Forecast BASTOW potential over jerky.
8:30am - Get to parking lot and realize it's an afternoon game. Smile, and settle in for an extended tailgating session.
As are any plans made by the Packer Ranter, this agenda is subject to change at a minute's notice (usually due to a sale on Old Milwaukee and/or Johnsonville Brats). Any Packer Ranters in the Green Bay area should feel free to meet up with Robert and I at some point during the weekend. We are hoping to run into Justin, Jessica, and Dawson (star of the fourth best football movie of all time, and raging Packer fan) again. Let me tell you, JT almost beat me in a shot-gunning contest, that guy can drink more than you'd think.
However, Dawson is the only to respond to us. Justin and Jessica haven't responded to our letters, calls, emails, texts, or IMs, so they must be busy. I know they aren't avoiding us, though, as they FEAR THE RANT as much as anyone.


  1. Injured: quarterback Aaron Rodgers, left tackle Chad Clifton, center Scott Wells, nose tackle Ryan Pickett, linebacker A.J. Hawk and cornerback Charles Tillman. That's a who's-who of Packers who have been playing through painful injuries. Cornerback Al Harris and safety Atari Bigby may also return. GB will need each and every one if thy want to stop Titan half-backs. 332yards last week good grief.

  2. That is me with the backwards orange hat, shotgunning with JT. No big deal. We went out afterwards and he wanted to have a 3-way with Biel and I. I told him I don't swing that way, but he could watch if he let me fly in his private jet. Needless to say, that jet ride was awesome!


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