Friday, October 3, 2008

For Sale: Brett Favre's House

If you’re in the neighborhood and have $475,000 sitting in a Folders can, you might want to consider this Ashwaubenon beauty. It’s got four bedrooms, three baths and oh yeah, Brett freaking Favre lived there. That’s right. Our good friends at the Press Gazette have uncovered Brett Favre’s Wisconsin home, now for sale. The property’s owner is listed as D. Tynes. For all you Favre trivia fans and Deanna Googlers, Tynes is Deanna’s maiden name. If that weren’t proof enough, the tax bills are even sent to Hattiesburg – holla!

In all honesty, it is kind of sad to see the home for sale. You’d like to think that Favre loved Wisconsin so much that he’d keep the home and visit during summers or at least deer season. I guess we all move on. The good news is I have an incredible proposition for my fellow entrepreneuers out there. Here’s your chance to acquire a truly unique collectible. So get this – I live like 10 minutes from the house. Tomorrow morning, I’m planning on posing as a buyer anyway just to see what kind of Earth-bound dwelling a demi-god lives in. But if you want me to wipe the counters for dead skin cells or comb the bathroom for some hair or whatever, email me right away. That stuff is GOLD on eBay. I heard an apple that Tiger Woods bit into went for like 10 grand! Let me know right away or I might just keep it for myself.

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