Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harrell Party

If there is one thing we know how to do here at The Packer Ranter, it’s party. Even John Johnson has been know to loosen the tie at his company picnics, and by loosen the tie, I mean running half naked screaming, “Go, Pack, go!” through the softball field while the marketing and accounting departments play. Never a dull moment here at The Ranter.
Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to throw a party this weekend…well, in addition to our normal weekend festivities. This Sunday we are having a coming-out party for Justin Harrell. Conspicuously absent from the field this season and most of last, Harrell will more than likely see his first action Sunday against the Titans after two back surgeries. Coach McCarthy said that Harrell is in the best shape he’s been in since being a Green Bay Packer. Well, that’s good news for Packer fans, but let’s be honest, he hasn’t set the bar very high. At the every least he will give The Picket Fence, Jolly Johnny, and Cole Miner a much needed breather every few plays. Robert, John, and I welcome you back, Justin, and hope you can contribute like the 16th pick that you are. Packer fans will finally be able to put this “bust” discussion to bed. That said; don’t for a second think you have a free pass, #91. We don’t throw parties for just anyone, and we will be watching you like John watches player interviews on, with an eagle eye.
Fear The Rant!


  1. The bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 we bought last year to celebrate Harrell's first sack might finally be cracked. I bring it, but I'm leaving it in the Tercel - been burned too many times before.

  2. Damn, I didn't mean they should cut KGB to bring up Harrell.

    You will be missed, Kabeer. Good to know he doesn't bear any ill will:

    Class act for sure.

  3. I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

    - Kris


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