Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lionsgate: Facts Glazed Over

Last week, Jay “The Cueball” Glazer of FOX Sports proudly scooped a now infamous phone call between Brett Favre and former Lions GM Matt Millen. From the onset of this 300-word opinion piece that reads like something plucked from the blogosphere, Glazer references his mystery sources, who said Favre gave the Lions “a rundown of the nuances of what Green Bay does on offense” and “spent over an hour on the phone with Lions coaches”.

The outcry and media attention has been both bloated and ridiculous. Favre and others have denied and dismissed the reports ala “are you cereal?” and the story has finally/thankfully fallen by the wayside. In the end, all Jay Glazer discovered was that there was a phone call between Favre and Millen – two friends who were discussing a hunting trip. Yes, that’s right, a hunting trip. Glazer was wrong on every other statement (all two of them): the duration of the phone call and the subject matter. And he was certainly wrong about a conspiracy theory that Brett Favre is hell-bent on sabotaging his former team, the Green Bay Packers.

As if Glazer’s anti-Favre opinion wasn’t clear enough, he concludes his tale by saying, “Still, Favre has the right to do whatever he pleases. If he wants to help other teams there is nothing in league rules that prevents him from doing so.” That’s right Jay. It’s almost like saying writers posing as reporters have a right to spin a story in whatever way will garner the most web hits. If they want to time an opinion piece filled with anonymous sources and rampant speculation, there is nothing from preventing them from doing so. Hell, they can even pose hypotheticals on the air like “Brett likes to talk, therefore he must’ve said something” and almost make it sound credible. OK, Jay. And let’s not forget that robots are strong, because they’re made of metal. If Jay Glazer can be a Senior Writer with FOX Sports, I have to believe the Packer Ranter will replace ESPN within the year.


  1. How about the unwritten rule of "Don't be a punk." I don't believe a thing Brett Favre has to say. Its his own fault. Hunting Trip? Matt Millen? During the season? Hilarious.

  2. Do you really believe that he cares enough about screwing Ted Thompson, and by extension the Packers, that he would call up Millen and share stuff? Do you also think that anything he could give them would help? If so, McCarthy is a terrible coach.

    This is a non-story, and so is pretty much anything concerning Favre and the Packers relationship, or lack thereof.

    MN PB, don't be a punk.

  3. I honestly do not get this hatred toward Favre from Packer fans. "You flip-flopped on me! How could you put me/the Packers through that ordeal!? I will never forgive you for what you did to me! You're a liar! I will never believe anything you say!" Get real. Laughable. A non-story indeed, Franklin.

  4. I find it interesting that no other media outlet outside FOX sports can confirm anything Jay Glazer says. Not ESPN, SI, NBC, Sportsline...anybody. Shocklingly, Glazer has suddenly shut his yapper.

  5. Mike Hunt (no seriously) says it pretty well here:


  6. At the risk of sounding arrogant, unintelligent and ignorant I say this We won, we will always win and the Lions suck!

    I'm personally surprised that John Madden didn't have Glazer offed for slandering Brett.

  7. Dragon, did you stop to think why Madden took two weeks off for the first time in something like 150 years?

    Glazer hasn't been heard from since....

    Madden ate him like a Turducken.

    You're right, we will always win.

  8. Most commented Rant ever?????


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