Monday, October 13, 2008

Views from the Hillside.

  • Good to see Koren Robinson back on the field regardless of the jersey. I was always impressed with his actions and demeanor in Green Bay, and he seemed grateful for the opportunity the Packers had given him. Unlike Pacman Jones in his tenure with the Cowboys, a classless individual and a classless organization.
  • Handshakes are often used to seal a business deal. In the case of the Packers' DBs, they are sealing the deal of taking the ball away from opponents. You didn't score, Chuck? Come on!
  • Suzy Kolber is a wealth of information. I think I forgot what she just said. Keyshawn Johnson just pointed out Brady Quinn's guns. Weird.
  • Grant: 33 carries for 90 yards. Not a good day for the line as there were no holes made, just huge piles of manflesh, but the offense controlled the time of possession to ensure the win. Grant only needed 6 more carries to get the Packers' record for carries in a game of 39 set by Terdell Middleton in 1979....Terdell? Really?
  • Aaron Kampman 6 sacks, Jared Allen 2. Kampman is still the best end in the North, NFC, and the NFL.
  • Gotta admit, I questioned McCarthy's QB sneak call. Why do this with a QB with a beat up arm? Truth is, it doesn't matter. Rodgers kept driving and stuck the ball over the line despite no push from the O-Line. He showed incredible toughness and grit to get the 6.
  • The Vikings/Lions game set football back 20 years. Uggg-ly. These teams are really the J.V. squads of the NFL.
  • Al Harris' spleen is nearly healed, and he may be ready for the Packers' game against the Titans. This is proof that Predators' bodies are capable of healing at a rate much faster than humans.
  • Harrell, you are on notice. FEAR THE RANT!


  1. Did you know Terdell Middleton actually had over 1,000 yards rushing, 300 yards receiving and 12 TDs in 1978? He was good that year.

  2. Did you know the Suzy Kolber makes my knees buckle when she smiles?

    Terdell, hee, hee.

  3. Another view: Gary Payton in the Fox booth for 10 minutes = excruciating dialogue and odd man-touching.

  4. Agreed, I was sure the colorman was going for his nipples. Good programming.

  5. Agreed, I was sure the colorman was going for his nipples. Good programming.


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