Monday, October 27, 2008

Views from the Hillside.

  • KGB has recently said that he doesn't think that people should be punished for making more money, and as a result will be voting for John McCain. The Rant could care less about who you vote for, Kabeer, but making that claim is ridiculous. How about this: do you believe someone should be punished for not doing their job? You have the highest salary of any Packer player, yet you play one down in four and have notched a whopping nine tackles and half a sack. Once you start earning your keep, maybe we’ll listen to where you think your money should go, or not go as the case may be. Until then, shut it.
  • The Vikings even screw up on their bye week. Jokers.
  • Last week the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a story about Colin Cole. The same day, had a story about Colin Cole. Also, the Green Bay Press Gazette ran a story about the presidential election and Packers’ players. The same day, the Journal Sentinel ran a story about the same topic. Same quotes from the same people. Can we get a little variety please? Robert and I mostly promise not to duplicate topics, even though our superior insight is always in high demand.
  • Bye weeks are binge-drinking inducing boring. {hiccup}
  • Packer fans, please take the time this Sunday to preview the next addition to the Packers: Albert Haynesworth. Remember what happened when Ron “The Medulla” Wolf signed another dominating D-lineman in his prime? Free agency is only four months away; please get your house in order Teddy.
  • Nice attempt for Tony G, Teddy. Must be difficult dealing with idiots and/or Chiefs management, same thing really.
  • Kerry Collins, your luck has just run out.


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