Monday, October 20, 2008


It took a few weeks for anyone to play bad-ass enough to earn a BASTOW, but when you have a game like Sunday's dismantling of the Colts, there are bound to be some bad-ass plays in all phases of the game, special teams being no exception. This week's BASTOW goes to Johnny Jolly, who blocked Adam Vinateri's 45-yard field goal attempt in the 3rd quarter. There's nothing that fires up a defense, or the crowd at Lambeau, like a big defensive stop. A blocked field goal is a pretty big defensive stop, especially when a behemoth like Johnny Jolly is involved. Congratulations to Johnny Jolly on his first BASTOW, and feel free to share this with your attorneys, all judges fear The Rant.

In addition, I'm going to award a runner-up BASTOW to Mike McCarthy this week. Going for an onside kick in the 1st quarter, up 3-0, is very bad-ass. It didn't work, but keep trying things like that, Coach, and sooner or later they will pay off. The Rant loves aggressiveness; balls to the wall and good things happen.

Braveleg....what happened? I know it was a little windy(Robert and I gauged a 15 mph wind coming out of the West) but with thighs as big as kegs, this should be no problem for you. Missing a 35-yard field goal is not something that Packer fans are used to. I'm convinced there is an ulterior motive, like lulling the other team into a false sense of security and then drilling a 76 yarder. Yeah, that's it. Case closed.

From this day forward, the BASTOW's full name will be The Tracy White Memorial Bad-Ass Special Teamer of the Week. Fitting I think.


  1. Hence forth the Philadelphia Eagles will be known as the Tracy White Redemption Squad.

  2. I'm just glad we don't have to face him during the regular season.

  3. Fare well Mr. White. We'll see you after you've lifted the Eagles to the playoffs.

  4. The Packers would probably score 10 times, so I think that equates to 10 tackles for Tracy White.


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