Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Packer Midseason Grades (3)

Offense: B+
Aaron Rodgers, he of monster contract, has played well. This is not a surprise. The only thing holding this group back from scoring 30+ a game, is the O-line and the running game. Ryan Grant, he of monster contract, had his best game of the year against the best run defense in the league in the Titans. Look for a huge second half to match the huge dollar signs, he is coming around and so is the line. James Jones has been replaced by versatile Jordy Nelson. Sophomore slump, indeed.
Defense: Secondary A- and Front Seven D+This is like a group project where one part of the group just didn’t show up and decided to let the other group do all the work. Unfortunately for that lazy group, the teacher gives out individual grades. The front seven have been soft, and have been gashed by mediocre running backs all year, they have not maintained their gap control, and have had very limited pressure on QBs. On the flip side, the secondary, despite key injuries, has play admirably and done all the work on the project. The teacher has realized this and has graded accordingly.
Special Teams: DAny team that cuts special teams beast, Tracy White, in mid-season fails. Period. However, the inverted trebuchet-legged, Mason Crosby ups the grade to just above passing. (Keeping Tracy White would have lead to an A+ as Crosby and White could dominate special teams by themselves.)
Overall: CThe Packers are like that smart kid in class who just doesn't care. He could be a 4.0 student, but he'd rather drink PBR tall-boys with the Principal's daughter in the school parking lot. Saying that the Packers have the potential to be a great team is like that smart kid 10 years after graduation working at the townie bar saying he had the potential to go to Princeton. It doesn't matter.
Hit the books, you've got one semester to get your grades up!


  1. I enjoy the individual grades on the group project. The secondary has been solid all year long, while the D-line gets no pressure and TE's and RB's shred our Backers in coverage. I would like to see some more physical play from the OLB's.

    It must be said the we have the most bad ass secondary in all the land. A claim that will be supported by 4 picks off Geeser Gus this weekend.

    Go Pack GO!

  2. D the Dragon, once again you speak the truth.

    The Gus will be be bust.

  3. I appreciate your candor, Mr. Hillside. You cannot grade potential and upside, like your apologist cohort John Johnson. This team is at best a "C", and your readers should thank you for your honesty. You should fire John Johnson though, total joke.

  4. I appreciate the compliment. I try to Rant with honesty.

    A positive persepctive is needed to a balance a negative perspective. It brings balance to The Ranter....and life. Which, ultimately, are the same thing.

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