Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Packer Midseason Grades

Offense: B
We have to run the ball in order to win the NFC North. We have not effectively done that.....yet. The offensive line is beginning to gel and Ryan Grant looks as though he is regaining the burst from the second half of last year. The passing game has carried this offense this year. Greg Jennings is an elite WR and Aaron Rodgers has proven to be a legit, franchise QB. DD is DD, a beast to take down. Jordy Nelson is going to press James Jones for all he is worth to be the #3 in this potent passing attack.
Defense: B-
We have be unable to shut down the run. Nick Barnett has not had the kind of year expected preseason. Brandon Chillar has been a pleasant surprise – he can play ball. The defensive backfield may be the best in the league. With Al back and Charles Woodson playing like the best corner in the league, we are going to be tough. Tramon Williams is a legitimate starting press corner that just needs to play more snaps. With the defensive line rotation hopefully set for the rest of the year, look for this D to step up. Harrell will make an impact in an improving interior.
Special Teams: B
Jordy Nelson is a good return man; Will Brackmon is great. He will break at least one more this year. Our coverage on punts has been excellent and it seems as though Frost has worked out some kinks. Brandon Chillar has proven he is a valuable asset on special teams as well. Mason Crosby is one of the best in the league. I like our special teams and expect big plays from that group in the second half of the season.
Coaching: B+
I have to say I love the Green Bay coaching staff. MM is a great play caller and is being recognized around the league for that. He runs a tight ship and I think the players want to play hard for him. The defensive has been able to make adjustments when necessary, without sacrificing the physical, in your face defense Green Bay loves to feature.
Overall: B
This team needs to put together a few good games in a row. Talent is abundant and players are gaining unbelievable experience. The Packers are a young, healthy organization. They need to learn how to close games. At 4-4, the record is dissappointing. They are better than a .500 team and should win the NFC North. It’s a great time to be a Packer fan.


  1. Jordy has already taken Jones' #3 spot. A healthy game-day scratch is not something to put on the resume.

    Pretty sure that Jermike will be that scratch on Sunday. Hopefully, we'll see Jones on the field again.

    Nice analysis, John.

  2. John, your analysis is so beneath you. This is typical Packer apologist bullsh*t. You are a .500 team in arguably the weakest division in football, and you give your team a "B". Journalistic integrity must have flown out the window for this guy. Boo.

  3. Weak divsion, yes. And the Packers are undefeated in that division.

  4. what's that, Robert? Undefeewhat???


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