Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Wish List

  • The Packers shelve Justin Harrell for the season now. It is apparent he is not healthy, and by not addressing his injury now for the long-term, the Packers risk having him miss off-season work which has happened each of his first two years. At this point, Harrell needs to be given one more chance where he is allowed to go through full off-season workouts and team activities healthy to prove what kind of player he is, bust or first round defensive tackle. Ending his season now, will allow him to be ready for the first mini-camp....we hope.
  • Packer fans recognize and think about the things to come following James Jones game against the Jaguars. Jones had four catches for 132 yards last Sunday, a career day for the 2nd year receiver who has had a disappointing second season due to injuries. This Jennings-like performance bodes well for the league's most talented, young receiving core.
  • My uncle's brandy slushes don't run out before my Grandma wants everyone to sing carols. If they do, everyone is forced to sing sober, which never ends well. Great Aunt Gertrude is the only one who gets a reprieve, as she can't hear anyway.
  • A sweep of the Chicago Bears for 2008. After the recent Bears' dominance over the Packers it would be a nice Christmas present to shut them down Monday night at Soldier Field. This would be especially sweet considering Lovie Smith's recent comments, that are not-so indirect potshots at the Packers.
  • Anything from this site!
  • An Albert Haynesworth pairing with either Jason Taylor, or preferably, Julius Peppers. Since Ted Thompson is so pleased with his recent draft class (and presumably all others), it is time to bolster this extremely young team, with an impact free-agent signing...or two. If he really is a disciple of Ron "The Brain" Wolf, he can prove it by adding to his team through free agency. Since the problems for the Packers this year started...and while I would like to say ended, I obviously can't....with the defensive line, adding the best D tackle in the game would be a good start to addressing Thompson's recent shortcomings. While being a hulking beast of a run-stuffer, Haynesworth has added 8.5 sacks, meaning he can get pressure on the QB from the interior...and meaning he only has one less sack than Aaron Kampman, the only Packer who gets pressure on the QB. While Aaron Taylor is at the tail-end of his career, he would be a guiding force for the young defense and would be hungry to eliminate last year's injury plagued season from recent memory. A one-year deal would be perfect for Taylor and the Packers, as it would give Taylor one last chance before he goes Fred Astaire full-time, and allow Mike Montgomery and Jeremy Thompson a year to learn under one of the best defensive ends of all time. Ideally, Thompson would pull the trigger on Julius "Habanero" Peppers to give Aaron Kampman a guy to meet up and have a beer with at the Busted QB Tavern. Happy hour from 12-3:30 every Sunday. Stat prediction for Kampman and Peppers if Thompson gets a deal done: 12 total sacks each, but attained by 24 half-sacks as each play they drill the QB at the same time.
  • Aaron Rodgers gets the late game monkey off his back. To be fair, Rodgers has given the Packers the lead late in the fourth quarter, only to watch the defense already head to locker room and let the other team walk down the field to score. But to eliminate the stigma associated with losing 20 games by a total of 2 points, #12 needs to take the offense on a drive late in the game for the win. Not only to give him some street cred, but because it's more fun to watch the Bears lose in the waning seconds. Let's be honest, we'll be beating the Lions by 35...well, hopefully. It's no guarantee the way we've been playing and been coached.
  • One last thing. But only if Alyssa Milano comes with it.


  1. Giddyup. I second everything here. I would also like to combine two of these and wish for Alyssa Milano, in a Packer jacket, purring on a Packer carpet like the kitten-fox she is. Thank you.

  2. Meow. Duly noted.

    I would also like add to the list:

    Packers coaches stop lining up Brady Poppinga at end. Yes, yes, I know "that's what he played in college" but it's embarassing now. On three separate occasions last week, I watched him line up at end and, immediately following the snap, he would just fall to his knees and not even really require a blocker. His time at end is done.


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