Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Packer Pro Bowl Predictions (PPPP)

With maybe just a few scraps of pride left in the once-overflowing vat of talent and confidence, there’s not much positive to talk about. Despite the floundering season, there’s still a few deserved Packers that should make the Pro Bowl this year. Winners will be announced today. Here are my predictions.

1) AJ Hawk. The thing about Hawk is that, yeah, just kidding.
2) Nick Collins. Tied for 2nd in the league with 5 picks and leading with 3 TDs. Nice work for the 3rd-year player who’s really come into his own. Also second to Hawk on team tackles. These stats may help overshadow some inconsistent play.
3) Charles Woodson. The first of the two great moves made under the Ted Thompson regime (Jennings = #2), Chuck Wood has been an absolute force this year. He helped shut down some of the league’s best WRs in Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne and TO. At 32, he’s still very much in his prime and an asset to the Packers. Also has 5 picks, 2 for TDs.

On the Bubble
1) Greg Jennings. Let’s be honest, even if he does not make it, Greg Jennings is a Pro Bowl receiver. It just sucks that the majority of the best WRs this year are in the NFC. He could still get in based on his complete awesomeness.
2) Aaron Rodgers. Again, with Brees and Warner locks, it’s going to be difficult for Rodgers to squeeze in to that NFC lineup. But when you factor in the pressure of following #4, he makes it in this Ranter’s opinion, and is my vote for team MVP.
3) Aaron Kampman. Not quite the year as ’07, but #74 always brings it. Plus, making it last year definitely helps for visibility in the voting.


  1. You're a real glass half-full guy, Robert.

    I think there would be so many negatives about this team The Ranter would be full-up.

  2. There are many, many negatives about this team. You are correct.

  3. Eli Manning makes the Pro Bowl over Rodgers? What a joke. Rodgers is beating Eli is yards, TDs, QB rating, completions. Total farce and popularity contest.

    Kudos to Woodson and Collins.

  4. Yeah, that is a joke.

    Eli is beating him in wins and having a famous older brother.

    Biggest disappointment this year?

    Hawk? J Jones? Grant? Bigby?

  5. Where's the love for Jennings! Anquan IS good but he didn't play every game. PLUS the Cards throw the ball every play. (So do we but were the Pack so that doesn't matter)

    AJ HAWK needs to get a royal sized foot in his ass. He made alot of tackles yes but he needs to be cracking skulls all over the field every play!

  6. D the Dragon - please don't begin to compare Boldin to Jennings. Your argument that "he didn't play every game" is horrible because he had better stats in less games! Bunk.

    And Eli over Rodgers is a no-brainer. Really no room to complain when one QB has lead his team to 6 more wins than the other (through 14 games, I might add).

    Jordy got screwed though.

  7. The Giants success has been a very good defense and a great running game. Eli hasn't led the Giants to any wins without Jacobs (and Plax), has been well below average during those games. The Packers defense has given away games late - hardly a reflection of Rodgers and his 5th best NFL offense. The Pro Bowl is about individual, not team, stats (you even claim this with your Boldin comment). And with that in mind, Rodgers is the no-brainer decision, Jackie. The choice of Eli Manning (and moreso Favre) has more to do with popularity, marketing and television ratings. After all, what apple pie-eating American doesn't want to see those loveable Manning brothers face off on Pro Bowl Sunday? The polls tells us that. You think they'd tune in for Rodgers, Matt Ryan or Phillip Rivers - who are their sponsors?

  8. Meoffard,

    Your Boldin statement is asinine, and the follow-up Eli defense is a joke. The only reason Eli made it is because of the Oreo races him and his brother sponsor.

  9. Oreo races - good call Mannings. You dolts.

  10. If there was another ARodg teet for me to suckle on, I would. But it looks like you two hosers have that covered.

    ARodg will get there, it will just take time. There is a NY media bias that probably got Eli in, but 11 wins and a Super Bowl ring doesn't hurt pro bowl voting either.

    And Franklin, please tell me why my Boldin argument is 'asinine'. Please. 20 more catches and 3 more TD's in two less games? Those are facts, broheim, inarguable. I do think Jennings should have made it, just over Smith instead of Boldin. You want to make an argument, make one, don't just say someone elses is asinine.

  11. I was busy. Suckling the teat. Plus, who needs to argue with a guy named Jack?

    Boldin's numbers should be taken with a grain of salt, the only reason he is any good is because of Fitzgerald. Wait 'til they trade his ass this year, we'll see what crap team overpays for a 2nd-string posession receiver. I'm guessing the Bears.

    Jennings is now a one-man show. Driver is good, but no Fitz.


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