Monday, December 1, 2008

Season Slipping Away?

Seriously. What’s going on here?

A week after leaving New Orleans still smoldering from being torched by Drew Brees so many times, the Packers defense took a gut check and determined that no, their embarrassment still had not peaked.

“We felt the Saints game just left us with our tails between our legs. But what we really wanted to do was wet the bed,” a member of the secondary told the Ranter.

Consider it soaked.

With just under two minutes left in the game and a three point lead, Crosby kicked off. Mark Jones, who had over 200 yards returning on the day, gave Carolina exactly what they needed for a potential game-tying FG. But when you’re on the road and playing at Lambeau, I guess you go for it. Delhomme went deep and somehow the 5’9 Steve Smith came down with the ball at the 1 yard line. Williams then scored standing up - his 4th TD of the day.

Drenched. Sopping.

At 5-7, the Wild Card is about as realistic as making out with that chick from Transformers. It’s the division or nothing. We’re at Chicago and have Detroit at home the last game of the season. Very achievable wins, but with this team right now, who knows...


  1. My tummy still hurts from Sunday. What's wrong with the D-Line? Special Teams? At least Brandon Jackson looked good. He's a tough runner who hits the cutback WAY better than R.G.

    But our game wasn't even what kills me .... How are the Vikings leading the division? All I have to say is this sucks hard!

  2. Jackson definitely ran with some fire. I say go with the hot back. The good news is that the Vikings are still the Vikings and a collapse is inevitable (especially when the Williams sisters are suspended).

  3. The Vikings will screw up somehow, it´s inevitable. Like gravity.


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