Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BRING BRETT BACK!! (as Rodgers’ backup)

Relax! Keep your voice down. Why are you freaking out? Man, I guess the name Brett Favre still conjures a few emotions despite that fact that:

A) He took a dump in New York and won’t be welcome back.

2) Rodgers played like a Pro Bowler.

Here’s the deal. Rodgers is obviously still the guy in ’09. He’s proven he’s very capable, confident and pretty darn tough too. Packer nation is lucky this guy worked out and we locked him in, otherwise we could’ve been 0-16. With Favre as the #2, he might only take a few snaps during blowout games and for those die-hard Favre fans still out there, there’d be that sliver of hope Favre would rally us to victory one more time in the event Rodgers gets hurt.

Because we all know it’s not going to be Brian Brohm. Or Matt Flynn. Or whoever the backup QB is, I can’t remember.

There’s no quarterback controversy. You have a clear-cut decision between Rodgers and Favre for the starting QB and it rhymes with Flarin’ Flodgers, not Flett Blarve.

For Favre, he can take one for the Packers in a backup, veteran role while finishing his career where it matters. It’s a chance to make amends for all the B.S. waffling he put us through. And just for good measure, it’ll be written into his contract to mentor the younger players and have them over for steak and beers or whatever social things Greybeard apparently hasn’t done since the 90s.

The players will be happy. The coaches will be happy. Favre will be happy. And perhaps most importantly, we the fans will be happy.


  1. While I wouldn't mind seeing Favre as the Packers backup, I don't think it could work. First Favre still hates Thompson so he probably isn't willing to play here anymore. Maybe he will sign a one day contract to retire with the Packers but I don't see anything else happening.

    Second and in my opinion the biggest problem would be the fighting amongst fans and players. I can't even imagine what would happen if Favre was the backup and Rodgers had a bad game or two. You know half the Packer fans will start ganging up on Rodgers and demand that Favre become the starter again. I could even see a little of this happening in the locker room.

    What I would actually prefer would be for Favre and the Packers to come to an agreement that if Rodgers would somehow get hurt for an extended period of time that we would resign him and give him the starting job (while Rodgers was hurt). This way there will be no controversy on whether he should start over Rodgers and as long as Favre stays in shape he could still contribute if the Packers needed him.

  2. Yes, Favre and Thompson still hate each other. But if I'm Favre, what better way to piss of Thompson than to not only be on the team, but be a valuable team member?

    Sure, there's always going to be the whiners if Rodgers screws up but we have a very favorable schedule next year. I'm predicting Rodgers won't have more than 2 bad games in a row and honestly, if he's playing that poorly for much longer, then maybe a switch might be worth considering. But again, I don't see that happening.

  3. See point A of the post. He was done a year ago.

    However, McCarthy already said Favre's welcome a coach. This is what needs to happen. We get him in there to mentor Brohm and Flynn, and their trade value sky-rockets.

    We get J Madden out there banging the gunslinger drum and these two guys are worth first round picks easy with Favre showing them the ropes. I mean, what team doesn't want their QB out there having fun, flinging it around like he's on a playground?


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