Monday, January 19, 2009

Ted Thompson: Nice Hair. Questionable GM.

On one hand, you’ve got a GM who’s put together a young and talented team and kept us under the salary cap year after year. On the other, you have the man at the center of Favregate and the mastermind behind numerous questionable moves. When it comes to TT, I’m pretty sure the only thing Packer fans can agree on is that he has really nice silky silver hair. I mean, his hair is like the real world equivalent of J. Peterman. He must use a lot of conditioner – probably Pert Plus. Because it’s shampoo and conditioner in one, Thompson undoubtedly considers Pert Plus a double threat, much like Will Blackmon.

I could go on and on about the good, bad and ugly decisions Thompson has made so far, but in the end it all boils down to wins and losses. So why not compare Ted’s first four years as the Packers’ GM against the first four years of his predecessor, Mike Sherman. Seems logical, fair and controversial.

Ted Thompson (2005-2008)
Record: 31-33 (.484 winning %)
Average Record: 8-8
Playoff Appearances: 1
Playoff Record: 2-1

Mike Sherman (2000-2003)
Record: 43-21 (.672 winning %)
Average Record: 11-5
Playoff Appearances: 3
Playoff Record: 2-3

And Thompson had 6 years GM experience doing this versus Sherman, who had zero experience as a GM?… or as a head coach?… and he did them both, you say? Really? REALLY? Yes.

Are the Packers regressing with Ted Thompson as GM? Was 13-3 a fluke? I certainly hope not but forgive me if I’m not feeling optimistic after looking at the numbers. Say what you want, but Sherman brought us 3 NFC North crowns and we contended every year save one. With Thompson, we had one remarkable year and three flubs. I’m not saying but I’m just saying…

And the irony is that I want Ted Thompson to do well – we all should. Despite all the glaring whiteheads, if Thompson does well, so do the Packers. I could care less who’s our GM as long as the Green & Gold contends and Packer pride swells. But as long as Thompson’s team is doing crappy and he’s pissing people off in the process, he might as well be wearing purple to me.

Final Grade: C



    All this revisionist history on the Sherman G.M. tenure has got to stop.

    He took Ron Wolf's team and ran it into the ground in 3 short years. The thing that defines it: BJ Sanders in the 3RD ROUND!

  2. Sherman took Wolf's team and ran it into the ground. Thompson took Sherman's team and has yet to fix everything that was wrong with it. That being said, being only a year removed from Executive of the Year, it's ludicrous for people to expect him to be fired.


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