Monday, February 16, 2009

Dare I Date a Bears Fan?

As some of you know, this “36-year old Party Animal” recently hit the web-dating circuit in search of “good times” and “non-committal relationships.” I’ve gotten my fair share of inquiries from the greater Green Bay area but usually from chicks that either: A) don’t have a current photo or 2) send fake photos and then when I get to the bar they say, “my friend couldn’t make it, so she sent me instead.”

Saturday, however, I get this email with the subject, “Connie has agreed to a date.” Now, since I sent out requests for dates to just about every chick in the upper 75% of good looks within 50 miles, I could not remember who this Connie chick was. I immediately scrolled to her pictures and see that she’s pretty hot. Not Jennifer Aniston hot, but maybe a neighbor from Toledo or something. Even cooler, all of Connie’s additional pictures show her with a beer in her hand or some kind of party situation. Sounds pretty nice so far, right?

Well, before I could respond “Happy Hour at Anduzzi’s?” I see something that stops me in my tracks. The 4th sentence of her “About Me” description says, “Die Hard Bears Fan.” Normally, I would immediately delete the email because I’ve been down that road too many times and Bears fans suck. But there’s something about this Connie chick that really intrigues me. I mean, she obviously likes to party and she thinks I’m good enough looking to drink with. But why would she request a date with a self-described “Green Bay Packer Fanatic, Zealot, Ranter, Enthusiast, Devotee & Aficionado”? Did she even read my profile? I don’t know, there’s a lot of questions floating around.

Since I am undecided, I’m leaving it up to you. For the next week, vote on whether I should embark on this potentially perilous dating adventure using the poll to the left. If it’s a go, I’ll chronicle the whole thing and Rant about it later. Thank you for your help Packer Nation!


  1. If she likes the picture of you with the mullet, she's golden!

  2. Bang her one time and then, "a la" number 94 Charles Martin, tell her she was on your "hit list" along with that chick Brian Urlacher was dating and Lovie Smith's wife.

    At least she's not a frickin' Vikings fan. At least the Bears are a real team not a joke "arena-league" quality expansion club.

  3. How can we decide with no pictures?

  4. I thought about posting her picture, but decided against it. Maybe down the road...

  5. So much of his power is derived from his mullet.

  6. I have to say go for it. I usually keep this hush hush but I married a die-hard Vikings lover.

    It has worked out pretty good.

    Hot, puts out, likes football. You're golden.


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