Monday, March 2, 2009

When did you say this plan goes into effect?

So long, Colin Cole.

Good luck, Chris Canty.

In the challenge to put together the pieces for the new 3-4 defensive scheme, the Packers may not be losing ground, but they’re definitely not gaining any either. According to Thompson, “We try to build our team so that we have a front-line group, but at the same time we want sustainability during the course of a season.” Sounds like a nice plan. Let’s see how we’re doing. Front-line: Thin. Backups: Thin. Hmmm…

Thompson’s undoubtedly looking at several role players with little or no flair. Like Igor Olshansky from the Chargers, for instance, a guy the Journal Sentinel describes as a “sufficient starter or backup.” I’ve accepted the fact we’re probably not going to be getting Pro Bowlers, but doesn’t that description remind you of a player like Jon Kitna... sufficient for the Lions, but a backup anywhere else? At this point, we’re gonna need about three Jon Kitnas, two Igor Olshankskys along with a couple Yakov Smirnovs for some laughs while we wait.

This wait-and-see approach just feels like waiting for the wind to burn the coals hot enough to restart the fire. I’m just afraid this strategy may be more along of the lines of playing your lucky numbers instead of playing like you have a hand.


  1. What's the alternative; dumping more lighterfluid on smoldering coals? I've seen you without eybrows before Greenfield. You look better with 'em.

  2. Igor Olshpanksy? He sounds like he was born to play on the Frozen Tundra....except he's a giant, lazy turd.

    No, Deborah, that's not the answer, more smoke, no fire. You have to throw piles of Mike Vandermoose's "Opinion" columns on it. That crusty tripe will flame out up in a second, and that's all it's good for anyway.

  3. Have no fear we have signed Anthony Smith! ...wait he called out the undefeated pats and got toasted for like 10 TD's ... aww fiddlesticks!


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