Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birds of a Feather

I haven’t given the latest Favre nonsense much thought, not real high on my priority list to be completely honest. To be sure, everyone has an opinion and I am no different: Fade away, man, fade away. Certainly didn’t take me longer than 5 minutes to reach that conclusion. However, it took me a full hour to find a parallel individual that has walked/is walking the similarly strange path that Favre is on. I didn’t actively do this, in fact, it was about as passive as it could be in the sense that I was in my living room while the TV was on VH1. Don’t judge me. Anyway, after Rock of Love: Floor of Motel 6 was on, VH1 Behind the Music came on. Too lazy to change the channel, I just left it on and went back to reading this. Gradually, I started being pulled away from the book to the train wreck that was developing on the TV. Behind the Music: Whitney Houston. As I began paying more attention, it became apparent that it is a strange version of deja vu. Laugh if you want, but the similarities between Whitney Houston and Brett Favre are numerous….and sad.
  • Both have reached the pinnacles of their respective careers garnering multiple awards and accolades
  • Both have been media darlings throughout most of their careers, often having their shortcomings glossed over, until recently
  • Both have had brief acting careers, Houston with Dances with Nuke LaLoosh and Favre with Derek Zoolander
  • Both reached their peak in the mid-to-late 90s, both being two of the most recognizable and adored people in their respective fields
  • Both have battled drug problems, one slightly more than the other
  • Both tend to cry when placed in front of a camera
  • Both surround themselves with family and hangers-on who have an incredibly negative impact on their lives, decisions, etc., but, hey, that’s their prerogative
  • Both are becoming increasing irrelevant, and finding it hard to take
  • And last but not least, both are absolutely crazy at this point...

I guess not entirely last, both make me wish I hadn't spent any of my existence thinking about the aforementioned similarities. {Sigh}

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