Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great moves!

I visited Robert the other day, and we sat in his mom's basement having Old Milwaukees and and gnawing on venison jerky. Great combo that day, bad the next. He started flipping through the channels, and Saturday Night Fever was on...well, that got us talking about moves. John Travolta had them then, and we started thinking about great Packers' moves. Here's a sampling of what we came up with:

The Hurdle - One of D the Dragon's favorite Packers of all-time is William Henderson, I have a hard time arguing with that. A good fullback is fun to watch, and even more fun when they touch the ball every now and then. It was rare that Will "The Bull" ever took a handoff, but he was a very good receiver out of the backfield. It's hard to stop a freight train that's got a head of steam and Henderson was definitely a freight train, would-be tacklers usually would attempt to take him down by going for the legs. Whoop! You missed! As big as he was, William Henderson was a world class hurdler...of opponents. Rarely did the first guy take him down, he usually had to watch from the ground as Henderson leaped over his prone, embarrassed form. While it may not have been high, rather an exaggerated spread of his legs, it usually got Henderson another few yards. Great move!

The Four-Yard Shimmy - One of Robert's favorite players is Donald Driver, again, no arguments from this guy. Driver is a favorite of mine too. He's tough, hard-working, and is a great example to the young receivers on the Packers. Would Greg Jennings be as good without Driver? Just something to ponder. Like The Hurdle, my favorite Driver move both evades tacklers and makes them look stupid. Driver seems to be able to sense where defenders are all over the field even if they are coming at him from behind, couple this with his tremendous athleticism, and he usually avoids the first two defenders attempting to tackle him. #80 plants his downfield foot, and he jumps back about 2 yards, while chuckling to himself as two guys go flying by in front of him. A quick push-off and Driver always gains four more yards than he maybe should have. This sometimes gets him drilled by the third and fourth tacklers, but Drive feels no pain. Great move!
The Heat-Seeker - While a lot of these offensive moves were done to evade defenders, Ahman Green had another approach...actually, it was the complete opposite to avoiding tackles. The Batman would break through the line and actively seek out other jerseys. If you didn't have Green and Gold on and you were in Green's way, Ahman was going right through you. This is an attitude you rarely see in a running back anymore, and I, for one, miss it. Watch this for some great Ahman Green highlights, The Heat-Seeker is on display at the 0:44 mark, against the Vikings no less. Great move!

The Ten-Yard Pump - Forget the most recent move of waffling on retirement, go back a few years when 'ol number 4 could still take off downfield to pick up a few yards when no one was open or the pocket broke down. This was a toss-up for me, as I used to love when he would hand the ball off but then continue his part of the play by doing a fake jump pass even though everyone in the stadium knew he had handed the ball off. Seriously, did this ever work? I didn't and don't care, I still love it. My favorite Favre move was when he took off downfield, eyes always on receivers, and when anyone took an angle to tackle him he would pull back the ball and fake a pass....when he was ten yards downfield! Invariably, linebackers, linemen, and d-backs would all stop and get ready to make a break on the ball regardless of the fact that Favre couldn't throw it anyway as he was way over the line of scrimmage. He made so many guys look foolish with that move. During one game, I can remember Jon Madden showing the replay of it about 10 times laughing so hard at the defense he was spitting up turducken on the telestrator. Great move!

The Club
- This move is legendary, surely a favorite of ALL football fans. When you can sense the split second a tackle is off-balance and then swat him out of the way with one arm like he was a fly, you have perfected a move that few others can attempt, let alone perform with success. Reggie White's signature move's beauty is unparalleled. It really was amazing to watch...I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it. Legendary move!

Got anymore? Let's hear 'em. Fill the offseason void with positives!


  1. Yes! All of those are simply classic. What about finishing moves? The first that comes to mind is Barnett's samurai sword. When he first started doing that I kind of thought it was lame, but since I jumped on the bandwagon, I now find myself replicating it in the living room. HI-YA!

  2. Finishing moves rule! Obvious is The Gravedigger, by Gilbert. Was it Cledius Hunt who did the army crawl? That was pretty cool.

  3. Kampman's one-armed fist-raise is beautiful in its simplicity, as far as finishing moves go.

  4. Absolutley - that suits Aaron very well. And who can forget Al Harris doing his "X-Out" after he breaks up a pass. It just screams, "never had a chance." Al, we'll take your word for it!

  5. How about the Montgomery get sucked down inside and let the RB bounce it outside for 20 yards ... that shit is hilarious! But seriously, on a positive note how about Driver's Judo flip. He has a man on his back, stops on a dime and flips the defender right over. Then scampers for 10 more yards.

  6. Driver is a wealth of great moves.

    FYI- The key to judo is using your opponents momentum against him. JUDO-chop!


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