Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Road Trip

I once saw John Jurkovic at Rainbow Falls waterpark in Plover. I asked him why he went there instead of Noah’s Ark in the Dells. He smiled and said, “So I won’t get recognized.” Then he walked away. John Jurkovic, master of the subtle humor.

The reason I got to thinking about Rainbow Falls, Noah’s Ark’s redheaded step-brother, was because in about a month and half I will be traversing Central Wisconsin and meeting up with fellow Ranter, Robert, in Green Bay for a little training camp excitement. The long and straight journey across Wisconsin on Hwy 29 doesn’t take me past the waterpark because a) it's on Hwy 51 and b) it doesn't exist anymore, but having grown up in North Central Wisconsin, summer drives in that part of the state always remind me of piling into Carrie Olsen’s older sister’s station wagon and heading to “The Falls” for a day of intense sunburn and ingesting massive amounts chlorine. Actually now that I think about it, it might have Carrie Olsen’s older sister that I remember so fondly…

Anyway, getting back to training camp. It’s a rare thing that you will find me admitting that I don’t know something, especially voluntarily and not under duress, but I don’t know what attending training camp is all about. I am a newbie, if you will. And as such, I need to know the important stuff. Stuff like:

Are there concessions, or …let me get to the point, do they sell beer or can I bring a cooler of my own?
Can I give a kid with a bike $20 to stand by me and sneak in a picture when the players ride the bikes to practice?
Can I sit next to Aaron Rodgers’ special-lady, or is it lady-friend?
Can I sit close enough to hear Mike Trgovac screaming at the D-line?
What is the tailgating scene like?
What’s the best possible entry point for sneaking into the Don Hutson Center if practice is inside?
I’m looking for anyone out there to answer these questions or just to give me some tips on how to maximize my enjoyment factor. If you’ve got some training camps under your belt, leave a comment or send an email to packerranter@gmail.com and tell me what I need to know.
Back by popular demand:
Tracy White Fact of the Day: Tracy White’s Middle School had to hire a 3rd groundskeeper to repair the divots he was leaving when tackling opposing players.


  1. Tracy White Fact of the Day: He was born 6 weeks premature, both he and his mother smoked...

  2. Tracy White gets mentioned in an article on packersnews.com talking about the special teams last year.

    Someone is reading The Ranter.

  3. I'm not sure what I can provide for tips, but it's interesting... there aren't actually very many people drinking while watching practice. I don't think anybody would say anything if you brought a beer or two with you, though. However, you can certainly tailgate in the parking lot. Not many people do, but there's always a handful.

    Practice is always held outside during training camp unless there's bad weather. But I don't think they let fans into the Don Hutson Center during training camp, only during OTAs and mini-camp.

    Things will be different this year. It will be the first year they practice primarily on the Nitschke field with a larger set of bleachers.

  4. Thanks, Brian. I knew they didn't let anyone in the Hutson Center, so I'll have my fingers crossed for good weather.


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