Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Larry Fitzgerald Knows Smooth When He Sees It

Last post-season, I enjoyed watching two things: 1) The Vikings getting beat and 2) Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitz’ postseason numbers were unbelievable: 30 receptions for 546 yards and 7 TDs, including 127 yards and 2 TDs in the Super Bowl. He basically carried Arizona on his back and came within a miracle catch by Santonio Holmes of being Super Bowl MVP. I think few would argue he is the best receiver in the league following that performance. That’s why this little nugget he tweeted yesterday made me giddy:

Just finished the workout today with greg jennings, Jerry Rice,Marcus & the guys.4 being 46 jerry wasnt in too bad of shape 4 an old man lol

Not only was Greg Jennings working out with the best receiver in the game yesterday, he was working out with the second best receiver in the game ever. (Sorry, Jerry, Don Hutson is #1)

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, Fitzgerald then dropped this little beauty:

@DSoHigh Greg Jennings routes are smooth as a babys butt lol. Packer Fans have alot to look foward to this season
Now, I’m not sure who @DSoHigh is, or why he's getting the update on GJ's smoothness, but that is a great quote. A quote that should continue the ever-growing excitement for what Greg Jennings is going to do this season.

Routes as smooth as a baby's butt....NIIIIICE.

1 comment:

  1. Greg Jennings is smooth like sandwich spread - been saying that for years. Or baby butt balm too I guess.


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