Saturday, August 15, 2009

Raji Chooses Bay View

“Gassers and striders, laps, technique things” – BJ Raji reportedly had been working out by himself for weeks at Bay View Middle School in beautiful Howard, Wisconsin. It’s good to know that the big man was staying on top of his game during the contract negotiations. It’s also interesting that of all the sweet schools in the greater Green Bay area, Raji picked Bay View Middle School. He’s BJ Raji, nose tackle for the Packers, he could have trained at any school. So why Bay View?

Turns out Bay View is fricken awesome, that’s why.

Guess how many schools receive the coveted National Blue Ribbon Award? Like, hardly any. Bay View has one. Guess how many schools have an Anti-Bullying Campaign? Bay View does. They’ve got a principal, teachers, library, summer school, handbook – the works. They actually occupy the building of a former high school, Bay Port High, simply because they rule. This place is so amazing they even have their own Pro Shop, just like the Packers. Wow.

It’s no surprise to this Ranter the school is even listed on I mean, come on, it has ‘great’ in the name! But if you’re like me, you’re still a little skeptical. After all, you could have a thousand National Blue Ribbon Awards but the students may think you deserve the National Cow Pie Award instead. Well, this 5/5 star review from an anonymous student swiftly puts an end to that argument.

“Bay Veiw is a great school. It focuses alt on students getting a good educatin and to not get bullied and to make a safe and well learning enviorment to all the students and parents and teachers”

Done. Sold. Bay View Middle School rules. My kids are going there. Yours should, too. Everyone’s should. I just hope the waiting list to get in isn’t as bad as Packer season tickets (but I would totally understand if it was).

Great choice, BJ. GREAT CHOICE.

This just in: NOOOOO!!!!! Their mascot is an eerily familiar and ugly Viking! WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?


  1. That will be forty cents per view for using Barrett's image.

  2. Over/Under interceptions thrown by Favre in purple. 18

  3. I'll take the over, especially when he has to go against against Chuck Woodson, Al Harris, and Nick Collins twice.

  4. That's a great point. There's like 5 right there.

  5. I'll take the under cuz AK74 is taking him out week 4!!

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