Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Man On A Mission

Hans Steiniger may consider himself your average, moderately paid, tailgating, beer-guzzling, NFL-loving American male, but he is anything but your ordinary football fan. This guy decided to celebrate his birthday a couple years back by embarking on a quest that would take him to every stadium in the NFL – all 31 of them.

Not only did Hans' ambitious plan entail going to the games, he also vowed to absorb himself in the home team’s culture – from donning shoulder pads and spikes in Oakland to waving a terrible towel in Pittsburgh and sucking down Milwaukee’s Best while eating bratwurst pizza and sporting a giant block of foam cheese on his melon in beautiful Green Bay, Wisconsin.

This December, Hans’ quest will be fulfilled as he travels to the Superdome as the Saints host the Bucs (spoiler alert: Saints win 33-13) for the last stadium in his journey. As I’m known as quite the major rager myself, I can respect Hans wanting to celebrate his quest by getting his drink on along Bourbon Street after the game. However, I think Hans would admit that as far as stadium experiences go, like Jim Levenstein, he peaked quite early in his journey.

For lucky stadium #7, Hans headed from his stomping grounds in NY to the sacred grounds of Lambeau Field. “This was the crowning achievement of my Quest,” Hans says on his website. Pretty bold statement when you consider he had 24 stadiums to go (but us Packers fans definitely understand).

He goes on to say some awesome things about his Packer experience that I wanted to share: “Of all the stadiums in the league, this is the one I most wanted to attend a game in… I couldn't help but be absorbed by the mystique of the legend of Green Bay, Wisconsin and its fabled Green Bay Packers franchise… I guess there's just something about watching football in Green Bay wearing a hat of cheese on your head. I can't explain it, but strangely enough, I completely understand it.”

Just look at that smile. Congratulations, Hans!


  1. Awesome, Hans! We'll meet you in NOLA for that celebratory drink on Bourbon Street!

  2. Takes time, you pick a place to go, and just keep truckin' on, Hans.

  3. I'm always game for a celebratory beer ... let me know.

  4. I am way behind on emails and just want to say thanks for stopping by my little blog. I love the Pack so it is awesome that you and I hooked up. Have a great week!


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