Monday, September 28, 2009

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Yes, I know how to Photoshop. No, I did not Photoshop this.

With the unprecedented matchup now only a week away, all the Favretalk (that I’ve tried to avoid) will be everywhere. And so, to try and see where the public really stands on the man, I performed a routine Google search.

As you can see, Brett Favre is no longer associated with complimentary terms like legend, warrior, gunslinger or even quarterback for that matter. He is now associated with being a jerk, a joke, a traitor and one of today’s most popular terms, the douche (this of course is the rootword and sibling to the also trendy “douchebag” In fact, thanks to Google’s smart search, we now know that “Brett Favre is a douche” is the #1 thing people search when finishing the sentence, “Brett Favre is… “.

I don’t necessarily know what people are expecting to find as Favre relates to a douche, but I can tell you there are 32,500 search results filled with anger I thought only reserved for our worst criminals, Ryan Seacrest and Rosie O’Donnell.

Congratulations, Brett. You’re now Rosie O’Donnell. We’ll see you next Monday.


  1. How the mighty have fallen...into a cesspool of purple and gold futility.

  2. Purple Favre is wrong
    But a black & blue version
    Fine with Green & Gold

  3. Love it. How you come up with these things I dont know!!

  4. Graham - We do it all for readers like you!

  5. Nice job with this. Didn't think you could capture a drop-down box.

  6. Well, it's either a "print screen", or as I did "capture selection" on a mac (shift/cmd/F4 for my fellow computer nerdlings)

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