Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Positives of the Game

Lambeau Men’s Room. Nothing against the giant metal splashy room-length pee troughs of yesteryear, but I really prefer a standard urinal. One of the best moves in the renovation. Only things missing were the #4 urinal cakes.

Stadium View. The servers were fast, friendly and dressed like foxy Madonnas Saturday night at this legendary sportsbar. If you haven’t had the deep-fried white cheese curds with a side of ranch, you are seriously missing out.

Novelties. We saw a guy selling $20 pelts; we saw another offering free mustache rides. There were vendors with kitsch galore that were printed with enough obscenities for every divisional opponent and them some. Fun stuff. Still, none of them had a onsie – I knew that was a good idea!

Front Yard Tailgating. Kudos to those Green Bay residents to offer their yards for parking and partying. Saw a sign in front of one house that read “No waiting line for this rest room!” That’s worth the $15 alone if you ask me.

Crowd Noise. Considering the town felt taken over by purple at times, it was even more impressive how loud everyone was yawping. The lungs of the Packer fans were as full and fierce as I can ever recall – great work everyone; glad to be a part of it.


  1. The Stadium View kicks ass! I made my fifth trip to Green Bay in September; and that was actually the first time I had been to the Stadium View. On my past trips I usually hung out at The Bar, Champions, and Fuzzy's.

    I will be attending the 49ers game later this month and plan on trying out the the new bar Tom Dick and Harry's. Have you been there yet?

  2. Stadium View was great, IronMan! There were more rooms hidden behind other rooms, past dance floors, and around corners. I got lost three times and seemed to always wind up at the mechanical bull outside.

    One more positive you forgot, Robert: the nice guy and his girlfriend who invited us back to their RV for more tailgating...I think. Good, old-fashioned hospitality...

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention. When I was at the Stadium view, I saw something that you don't see every day, and had to get a picture with him.

    Yep, a guy wearing an Ahmad Carroll Jersey, with a quarter stuck to his head.

    It was hilarious. He was an A.C. super fan. He knew all of his college stats and everything. LMAO The fact that I was so drunk made it even funnier.

  4. That is flipping great, IronMan. An Ahmad Carrol fan, eh? I may even know that guy - is that you, Piche?

    I have not been to Tom Dick and Harry's so let us know how it is. It'd be hard to top S.V.


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