Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ryan Grant for Pro Bowl

I’m loving Ryan Grant and his 4.4 YPC (5.0 in December) right now and his 1200+ rushing yards and 10 TDs. And when I saw Adrian Peterson fumble away another ball (six now on the season) Monday night, I delighted in the fact that Ryan Grant has only one fumble all year. That was back in week two, btw.

Through the first couple games of the year, there were stories suggesting Grant was a talentless meathead and others saying that Thompson was irate about the contract he handed him. At the time, those knocks seemed borderline legit even though Grant's short career suggested he might be a second-half player and even though our line was more chaotic than a police riot.

At this point in the season, #25 looks to be emanating with confidence and rightfully so. He’s third in the NFC in rushing yards and second in TDs. Hell, the man is even a top ten RB in most fantasy leagues. But the thing I admire most is his attitude. He seems to have a desire to reach his potential and the work ethic, competitive spirit and humbleness to match. In other words, Ryan Grant is Packer people.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a travesty if Grant doesn’t get in because we all know it’s a popularity contest and maybe he came on a little too late this season. But there is no question that #25 deserves the honor. Because of his numbers. Because of his attitude. Because Ryan Grant is one of the best running backs in the NFC. Period.


  1. I'm guessing the 3rd RB will be DeAngelo Williams by the way. He's a great RB, but he's also missed two games. There's something to be said for durability. Another reason I like Grant.

  2. I seem to remember extensive talk during the game on Sunday about just this subject. Even FOX is on board. Speaking of on board I think I hooked up with "Jugs McBoobnstien" in the purple bikini out @ Lake Havasu last spring. Maybe I'll give her a ring when I get out to Phoenix to watch the Packers crush Arizona. Must be nice to clinch @ 10-5 in the worst division in the league. Its really nothing to be proud of, its pathetic an I hope we have to play you twice so we can beat you twice.


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