Monday, December 7, 2009

Summer in Shawano...Nevermore.

I used to know a Lenore when I was growing up. She lived in Cleveland, and she used to spend her summers in Shawano at her aunt and uncle’s lake house. Lenore was a HUGE Browns fan. Kind of funny, right? I used to tell her that same thing, but she wouldn’t listen. She had three Bernie Kosar jerseys, two Dawg masks, and a Jim Brown autographed football which she slept with at night. She claimed to only sit in the Dawg Pound when she went to games. I never really believed her on that point, but she was very convincing. Some nights she would come and rap on my bedroom door, and we would sit on my grandma’s dock and talk football until her aunt and uncle would stumble home from the nearby resort bar and tell her to go to bed.

When Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore, Lenore never showed up in Shawano during summer vacation. I asked her aunt when she was coming, but her aunt said she wasn’t sure. I wrote Lenore a letter asking when she was coming to Shawano and she only responded, “nevermore.” I wrote again and asked why, and she responded, “Art Modell has taken the one thing I adore. The Browns are nevermore.”

I never saw Lenore after that and for this reason I hate the effing Ravens and all they stand for. Tonight, their playoff hopes are nevermore.

Go, Pack.


  1. Tonight Old Man Woodson and two Top Flight Rookies proved parents and kids really do mix when it comes to stomping a mudhole in the Ravens.
    Heck, even the White Worrior danced his tiny feet into an interception. #1 D!

  2. Hell yeah, pashaww!

    It was ugly, but uglies need love too!

    The White Warrior made a helluva pick, I'm sure it was the spandex bodysuit.

  3. That story reminds me of Forrest Gump... Nice touch Franklin.

    I'm so jacked up at work today for the whoopin we put on dem darn ravens I can bearly work.

    My heart is still beating hard, just like the Packers are the Ravens. Did you hear the quote on JSonline from Ray Rice:

    "Ravens running back Ray Rice wasn't very nice, either. This is what he told Drew Olson at "To be honest with you, it was just Lambeau Field. I didn't see anything special. They put us in the middle of nowhere and it's not a real exciting place. Everything about this place is terrible, to be honest with you."

    We pissed dem ravens off so much they never ever want to come back. That is just dominent. Nice work defense.

  4. I've read my copy of "When Pride Still Mattered" so may times that the binding seems to be coming lose. I'd like to pass this National Treasure on my kids someday. Anyone know a good book repairman?

  5. Elmer's in the binding. Then a Piggly Wiggly paper bag; cut, folded, and taped. Do not tape Pig book cover to book itself. The new cover should move freely on the book.

    You may decorate as you wish. I suggest a box of Crayola 64 as a start. (Stickers are awesome).

  6. Jonathan, email me directly. I do a little freelance work on the weekends, so for a tome as sacred as "When Pride Still Mattered", I'm more than willing to give you a hand.


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