Tuesday, January 19, 2010

G-Men Origins: Hawkman

Part Midwestern humanoid and part Broad-Winger, the Hawkman is known for his bulkish figure and attacking ferocity. Thought to be the reincarnation of an ancient Nordic prince, the Hawkman’s conspicuous long, blonde hair is reminiscent of a violent medieval warrior but also serves as a female attractor when not in combat.

As a first-class graduate, the Hawkman was believed to have mythical abilities that would help lead the G-Men for centuries. However, success was mixed for the Hawkman, and he was relegated by Silver Hair to serve on special missions instead of patrolling the main battlefield.

The Hawkman remains a controversial figure. There are those who believe he will someday help lead the G-Men to victory while others suggest he would not yield a return more substantial than a skin of goat’s milk from a one-eyed gypsy.


  1. I'm pretty sure my "Brett Favre is a Douche" frige magnet will make some good coin. Thanks though.

  2. If you were so rich, you'd tell us your real name.

    Wait, is it instant, or is it same day?

  3. Anonymous-
    Going forward please match syntax and subject. Also, I encourage you to limit negatives to one per sentence.


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