Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Ranter Needs Your Help!

Some people (especially radio guys it seems) hate it when you ask them, gently suggest, or flat out tell them what to talk about. Here at the Ranter, we take no such stance. We like to think of ourselves as a collective, a commune if you will. We take suggestions, we take questions, and sometimes we’ll even take direct orders, usually not without a snarky comment, but we’ll still take it. Our ultimate goal is your happiness, and not like the happiness created by booze; well, at least a strong pairing for the boozy happiness that so many of our readers, all eight of you, drift along in.

So here’s my request to you, let us know what you want to read about. Because, contrary to popular belief, it’s not easy to come up with the stuff that graces the posts of The Ranter, regardless of how easy Greenfield makes it seem. Let’s be honest, the offseason is too damn long for us to come up with original stuff every day. Hell, it took me ten minutes to come up with the idea of doing a Rant with no idea other than asking for Rant ideas. Brilliant! Thank you!

Do you want more G-Men Origins? Who do you want ‘The Chronicler’ to immortalize next? Classic G-men characters like ‘24 Karat Hornung’ or newer heroes like ‘The Green and Gold Surfer’?

Do you want G-Men Nemesis Rants? ‘The Grey Ghost’, ‘Rodeo Clown’, and ‘The Weeper’?

Do you want more in-depth draft analysis? A mock, mock if you will? For example: would you rather draft Mel Kipers freak-show hair in the first round, or trade down and draft the idiot, over-reactive Jets fans that always make the draft hilarious to watch?

Do you want more interviews with other Packers bloggers? I know Alex Tallitsch and Brian Carriveau really set the bar high, but I think we can get to know some of these people who spend their time writing for the interwebs about all things Packers. Any specific questions you want asked?

Do you want to know how many times Robert rode the mechanical bull outside Stadium View after the Packer/Viking game this year? And why? Or as I like to call it: “Adventures in Tailgating”. Sorry, no Elisabeth Shue…at least not THIS year.

Do you want more Guest Rants by wordsmiths like Lony Olec, D the Dragon, or The Company Man: John Johnson (Ted Thompson’s #1 Fan)?

Do you want something so crazy, that it would violently tear at our sanity, and make us laugh hysterically?!?!? I’m not that clever, so the topic will have to come from you.

Do you want me to stop being lazy and just think up stuff on my own? Fine, but tell Greenfield he has to buy better beer then, the Duff’s is just leaving me sluggish.

If you’ve got an idea or want to have your voice heard and responded to, leave a comment or send an email…it’s a long offseason, so we will get to it. If not, Robert is Director of The Ranter Complaint Department.


  1. More of those story like that guy with the hawk or eagle or whatever large bird it was.

  2. How about petitioning a calender of packer players in thongs....especially the linemen?

  3. I don't post often... What I would like is a all-time football team with the chokiest players in every position (including HC). The franchise, don't need, we already know. But IMHO that would be a nice idea.

  4. Raj, interesting, a little something for the ladies.

    PackersRS, #1 K - Gary Anderson.

  5. thanks for taking my humbele suggestion into consideration. I appreciate it.

  6. I like Raj's idea. The 'not' list.

    Calender I mean if it feels good do it!

    Interesting Packers stats is where I personally would start. I would find some crazy fust stats. Jokes are close behind.

    Something about the most famous Morman and Tongaese born football player of all time, Vai Sikahema. Stuff like that you can really run with. Make it intersting like you usually do.

  7. Also you can recap really old football games from like 1972. You could make things really interesting there. I'd read that.

  8. Here are a few brainteasers:

    Team/player/fan offseason adventures, or, How to fill the Void

    The strength of a beer, cheese and brat-based economy

    Packerland road trips

    Players with hidden talents (on or off the field)

    I know, I know, these are all such good ideas! Don't worry, I'm patting myself on the back as I write this.

    And seriously Greenfield, Hillside needs the champagne of beer, stat!

  9. Oh I almost forgot the best stuff. Triva questions. Here is a good one:

    Who is the only tight end to catch only one TD from Brett Favre?

    A. Wesley Walls,

    (while there have been 5 WR Andre Rison, Charles Lee, Kitrick Taylor, Koren Robinson, Greg Lewis 5 RB Darrell Thompson, Harry Sydney, Reggie Cobb, Samkon Gado, Chester Taylor and 1 FB Naufhu Tahi there has only been 1 TE... Congrats Wesley)

    It was the first score of the famous Oakland game after Brett lost his dad in 2003.

  10. Hey, where are you gonna put all these ideas Grizwald?

  11. 12:49 AM post!!!
    Late-night rant makes beer and rote wurst heartburn go away. Better than tums.
    Mmmm, so soothing . . .


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