Monday, March 29, 2010

Caption Contest

This gem of a snapshot that Franklin sent me tells at least a thousand jokes, most of them probably good. You’ve got McCarthy glued to something in the distance, Ted waist deep in his charts, ESPN/Mel Kiper in the background and the walls plastered with team depth charts.

There’s an ocean of comedic opportunity here. Let’s see what you got. What are Ted and Mike thinking?


  1. Damn, how come Ted gets to watch the YouTube's?

  2. MM: Ted, are you sure?
    TT: Yes, Mike, I'm sure.
    MM: This could mean our jobs.
    TT: Damn it, Mike! I told you: as long as we have that jackass, Kiper, on in the background, no one will know we're doing our fantasy baseball draft.

  3. TT: What do you think of Bryan Bulaga?
    MM: Needs better pad level.
    TT: Russell Okung?
    MM: Pad level.
    TT: Anthony Davis?
    MM: Pad. Level.
    TT: How about a fullback?

  4. Pad level and fullback! Hilarious!

    I want Ted's shirt. Classy, stylish, and sophisticated.

  5. MM: What do you think about my tie?
    TT: Little Ward Cleaver.
    MM: Vintage is the new Hip.
    TT: Sure Mike.
    TT: Don't we pay you enough to get tailored shirts? You're very chesty
    MM: Whats wrong with it.
    TT: Homework, watch Mad Men.

  6. MM: Sigh .... F-ing tax season.
    TT: Are Coach Bags business expenses?
    MM: I gave you Turbo Tax for Christmas.
    TT: Oh yea, and its great! It's just, you know ....
    MM: You returned it didn't you.
    TT: I needed Heroes VI, and it had the Best Buy gift receipt, so....
    MM: You’re a dick.
    TT: I hate you.

  7. TT: Mike.
    MM: ...
    TT: MIKE!
    MM: Uh. What? Sorry, I was distracted. Mel Kiper's hair...
    TT: Mike. Pay attention! So the plan is, we trade down, get a WR, and a FB, okay?
    MM: I still think we should get Tebow...

  8. MM: You look like a cross between Norman Bates and...well...Norman Bates' dead mother! Where's your rocking chair and shawl?

    TT: A boy's best friend is his Mother.

    MM: I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin'

  9. MM: Couldn't we just draft a . . .
    TT: NO
    MM: but what about a . . .
    TT: NO
    MM: but we really need a . . .
    TT: NO
    MM: This sucks . . .
    TT: Don't make me put this pen down and come over there . . .

  10. MM: I really hate wearing this crappy tie. I like my sweats.

    TT: Well you have to look presentable Michael, like a boss.

    MM: Sheesh not like any boss I've ever had.

    TT: Aaahemmmmmm!!!! Excuse me.

    MM: Right...

  11. MM: Is this too tight?

    TT: Yeah I told you that!

    MM: Who we looking at now?

    TT: If I tell you can you keep it a secret?

    MM: Sure!

    TT: Tebow for round 3

    - Phone rings -

    MM: Hello? Yeah, OH YEAH we are getting Tebow!

    TT; (Shakes head in disaproval) That is why I dont tell anybody anything!!

  12. A_Lerxst_in_PackerlandApril 1, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    TT: Hugo Reyes, Jack Shephard, James Ford, John Locke, Ben Linus...

    MM: Are you sure that's the draft board? It sure sounds like the candidate list from "Lost".

  13. TT: Zero, None, Nada, Nil, Nadir, Naught, Zilch, Zip ....

    MM: The number of good punters you have found?

    TT: Correct!!!! That shirt is too tight.

  14. TT: (thinking aloud to self) Took care of upgrading our starting strong safety in round five. Let's see... I'm a little concerned about offensive tackle. This sixth rounder is raw, but a couple of weeks working under Allen Barbre should have him ready to step in. Now, pick an impact pass rusher in the seventh, and our team will be complete! I don't know why everyone doesn't build through the draft, it's so easy!
    MM: (to himself) F--k.

  15. MM = The Beaver
    TT = Wally

    MM: Hey, does this hairstyle makes me look like Fred Flinstone?
    TT: Never mind that.
    MM: Are you going to get me a real punter this year?
    TT: Crikey, I already took care of that, mate.
    MM: Can you get me Tim Tebow at least? Maybe he can punt.
    TT: That's a dumb idea, Mike. What would Dad say? Now go get yourself a chocolate milk. It's nap time for you.
    MM: Awwwww Ted...

  16. MM: Hmmm mmm mmm, I don't want to work, just want to bang on my drum all day...

    TT: Hey, according to these figures, I saved $100 on punters the last 2 seasons!

  17. As Willie Nelson said, "Punters are always on my mind..."

  18. That is better than Willie Nelson being on the punters mind if you know what I mean!! -Wink-

  19. MM: God, I need to fart!!! Maybe I shouldn't of had those bratwurst for lunch!

    MM's Stomach: Grumble...Grumble

    MM: Oh god here it comes...maybe if I let out a little one nobody will notice?

    TT: Shhhh! Quiet you!! I am doing my homework...(TT mumbling) so if I do my calcuations correct, when I phone my pick in, not only will get Player A from Parkviewwest- Northcut A&M college..but according to Geico, I will save an additional 15% on car insurance!! Ching Ching more money saved!!..hey, what's that smell?


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