Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amazing Journey!

Lock the doors. Close the windows. Turn on the black light and your favorite Pink Floyd album. Then turn off your phone and fire up the old porn downloader. You are about to embark on an adventure beyond the realm of reason and logic, where mankind’s most beloved treasures are secretly kept and coveted. Load up your PayPal accounts and join me, your trusted guide, as we enter the world… of ebay!

Ok, once you’ve successfully accessed the internets and navigated to the ebays, you’re going to want to start by searching for “Packers.” That basic search will return numerous results ranging from toddler clothing to tickets as well as about 30,000 items in between. Yes, this is getting exciting already, I agree with you there, kind reader.

Now take my hand as we dive into “Fan Apparel & Souvenirs.” This gets us to the part of the journey where Bob Frost once indirectly showed me the way and I feel I should pass on my knowledge. Some people – most actually – get stuck here on all the immediate gloriousness that is jackets and shirts and keychains and such. But me, I choose the category “Not Specified,” and that has truly made all the difference. Here, you’ll enter a Willy Wonka world of Packer wonder only reserved for the clinically insane or your most elite, diehard fans. Nowhere else in the world, not even in the sacred Packer Pro Shop, will you find such rare Packer gems in one place.

Example! Zebra-Striped Toilet Seat. As the listing says, this piece gives your bathroom personality while showing off your team spirit. Couldn’t. Agree. More. What I love about it is that it’s unique, possesses exceptional style and also has practical applications. The fact it is machine washable and fits standard and elongated seats = additional wins! Starting at $15, it’s sure to be the bidding war of the year!

Example! From the bathroom to the workplace we go as we come across this Packers team logo office chair. Before you click away because of the $119 price tag, keep in mind this item ships for FREE = excellent value. And then consider for a second that you know no one at work with a Packer chair like this (you don’t, do you?). You want that promotion, Mr./Mrs. Corporate Worker? I thought so. Then show some passion – it will go miles (subconsciously, good or otherwise) toward getting you to stand out among your peers.

Example! Paul Horning old NFL Pizza Hut collectible glass. Yes, that’s right – Paul “all purpose” Hornung. This goes well beyond the description of “Neat!” in the listing; this closer to “Amazing!” or “Wow!”. At $65, this is not a glass for the common cupboard. Rather, something for the hutch, mantle or display case. Maybe you pull it out during game days, or save it just for the playoffs. If that’s not good mojo for the team, I will never know what is…

Happy bidding.


  1. That F'ing toilet seat is calling me. Seriously, if anybody thinks they can beat me to that, pack a lunch... BYATCH.

    You guys just cost me hudreds of dollars. I need a promotion @ work. My mantle could use a touch of class, and my ramen noodles are way too hot.

    You guys rool!

    GBP 4 LIFE

  2. How did you guys get my leather outfit picture???

  3. You went to college? DANG!

    Graham, no one can hide from the INTERNETS!

    I hear you Fitzcore - ebay is double-edged sword. Quite addicting. I've only been kicked off once for a year. Longest year of my life! LOL.

  4. Dude?!? Yeah, I went to college, for almost 6.5 years after high school! You wouldn't talk to me for the first two because you said I was betraying the Packers by living farther than an hour away from Lambeau.

    Your mom said you'd been drinking a lot lately, but I had no idea...

  5. Take it easy college boy.


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