Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's Bake!

Sure, football is all about the action, camaraderie and numerous libations, but it’s also about really good food. It’s with that in mind I thought I’d pass along this bombdigitty recipe I’ve been perfecting over the last few months for one of my favorite gameday dishes. Here’s what I like about it: 1) it’s not hard to make (sweet!), B) turns out nice every time (hiyo!) and 3) brushes with greatness on occasion (bonus!). In fact, the hardest part of the whole recipe is simple patience – if you can overcome that, you’ll be thanking yourself as you dig into the tender, flavorful, hearty dish known as:

Robert Greenfield’s Slow-Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork Sammies
You’ll Need: Pork Shoulder, Can o’ Beef Stock, Dry Rub, BBQ sauce, Buns, Sauerkraut (optional), Crock Pot
Prep + Cook Time: approx. 10 hours
Effort Level: Low to Moderate
Satisfaction Level: Elevated to Awesome
Feeds: Several Hungry Humanoids

First, get yourself a nice Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder from your friendly grocer. You should easily be able to find a good size for under $10 (that’s what she said). Tell ‘em the Ranter sent you (this may not get you discount, but it may start up a nice conversation with the hottie behind you in line.) When you get home, trim off as much visible fat as possible. Then, take some dry rub (sweet ‘n smoky = my current fave) and make like paddy cake by smacking it around some with it (that’s what she said. OK, I’ll stop). Now dump that can o’ beef stock into the crock pot and then plop that beautiful pork shoulder in there after it. Nice work.

At this point, feel free to have some beers, browse the interwebs, take a few naps or rewatch last year’s Packer wins because you’re going to let that bad boy cook for eight full hours on high heat in the crock pot. Yes, that’s like, a long time, but it’s called slow cooking for a reason. Lambeau Field wasn’t built in a day as far as I know. It’s totally worth it, trust me. At the end of the eight hours, your entire home should be full with a thick meat scent. That is, unless you remembered to shut the bedroom doors and open the windows beforehand… suckers! Just kidding, but not really.

Now the fun really begins. Poke that pork and pull off a piece. Did you notice how it fell apart faster than the Lions playcalling? Now taste it. Pretty good, eh? Well, it gets even better really soon. Transfer the entire shoulder somewhere where you can really work it. Take a couple forks and pull it apart into sweet shreds of meat. At this point, you should remove any remaining fat as well any bones. Now, drop a fat BBQ sauce bomb all over it and mix ‘er up real good. Hmmm-Mmmm. Serve hearty spoonfuls on a bun (preferably with a small load of Frank’s Kraut) and ENJOY.

Let me know how it turns out!


  1. mmmmf, Can't talk . . . eating pork . . .mmmmf, good.

  2. mmmmmmnnnn

    time to wake n bake!

  3. Ever slapped a healthy serving of slaw on one of those bad boys? Maybe serve it on top of a brat for the ultimate porker?

    ....I'm not high, it's just almost lunch time.

  4. Yes, the slaw is solid, but I recently substituted the Kraut and it gave it such a wonderful complementary zing that I may never look back. Have not tried adding more meat, but I can definitely see the attraction!

    Does that mean you get high at lunch, or...

  5. Nothing was ever ruined by adding more meat to it. Nothing.

    I like the idea of kraut on anything really, but it will tough to abstain from the slaw. Maybe, I'll go with both.

  6. If you are thinking of serving this delectable dish to someone who is not a Packer fan, a can of whoopass makes for a great side. Best to have it available, even if unopened, just in case.

  7. A_Lerxst_in_PackerlandMay 16, 2010 at 4:43 PM

    I must try this addition of kraut to pulled pork next time I have some! (Damn, I can't believe I never thought of that one myself...).
    Thank you Mr. Greenfield!

    The one thing I do like to add that wasn't mentioned is a nice dose of hot sauce (or you can use a spicy BBQ sauce for a similar effect.)

    Making me hungry, this is!

  8. WTF??? Is up with that chick in the picture? Is she 'tarding' out or what? The look on that kids face behind her is priceless!

  9. Absolutley, Alex to mixing up the hot and bbq sauces. I do this often - just listed my current favorite style.

    Fitzcore - that girl is a legend in her own time. Like an internet sasquatch or something. Take a look:

  10. Cooking makes a woman charming from the eyes of their husband and child.


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