Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Geoff Largefan

Google image search “packer fan” sometime and you get over 80,000 results that overload the green and gold spectrum with chaos and hilarity. You’ll also find several pictures of this guy, whom I have dubbed “Geoff Largefan.”

Now I’m not sure whether he loves the Packers or just loves having fun, but these pictures tell a great story. With his homemade helmet, keg belly and strategically placed stickers, this guy not only makes me laugh and want to party, he also makes me want to be a better Packer fan.

He makes me want to cheer even more. He makes me want to let loose and throw caution to the wind, completely enveloping myself in uber-ultra-Packer-zealousness. We could all take a note from Geoff Largefan. He is so inspiring that he makes me realize that I need to step up and create a good gameday outfit.

If he ever wanted to sell that bomb shelter he calls a helmet, his Packer fan celebrity would lend him quite the negotiating power to the right buyer. I would have to commit a petty crime just to get locked up and remove myself from the table for fear I might lose everything I have in the process.

Understand, readers. I would use this helmet to do great and wonderful things – the smashing of the bottles and the headbutting of the obknoxious Vikings fans come to mind – but its power/weight would simply too great to be wielded by a mere mortal, even one with his own blog. In fact, in the hands of anyone of than its rightful owner, there’s no telling who would get hurt. If he can’t have it, than it must be destroyed!

No, my Packers glory will have to come in another form…that of baby clothes!


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