Thursday, August 5, 2010

America's Best Sports Fans. Really?

Just about everything in sports has some sort of ranking or statistic. It’s the ultimate ammo for any debate. But when it comes to quantifying die-hard fandom, the criteria can usually start an argument unto itself.

Like the asshats at Forbes just put out a list of “America’s Best Sports Fans” covering the big four sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). OK, that’s something I’ll spend a couple minutes browsing through to see where the Packers land. More than likely it’ll be #1 or at least top five. However, as I clicked through the list, it became painfully evident that it was devoid of the Green & Gold. To this I say, “WTF!?” Here is their top 16 list.

16. Chicago Blackhawks
15. Philadelphia Phillies
14. New York Yankees
13. Cleveland Cavaliers
12. Los Angeles Lakers
11. Montreal Canadiens
10. St. Louis Cardinals
9. Dallas Cowboys
8. San Antonio Spurs
7. Boston Celtics
6. Pittsburgh Penguins
5. New England Patriots
4. Indianapolis Colts
3. Detroit Redwings
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Boston Red Sox

Plenty of things wrong with this article. First of all, I get they used the top four from each sport, but who makes a list of the top 16? >Honestly. And what about non-professional sports? There are great stories of insane loyalty and tradition throughout college and high school sports despite decades of futility.

Here’s my other beef: their criteria for this list is three-fold: 1) home and away game attendance 2) merchandise sales 3) in-market popularity (supposedly based on surveys). In other words: money, money, money.

This article completely missed the mark. I have no doubt there are some passionate fans in that list, but what about a team whose sold out every game since 1960? And that same team has a season ticket waiting list that takes about 30 years? And their fans sit in below-freezing weather tempting frostbite for hours upon hours just to see their team in person. Packer fans are the simply the BEST.

I guess what should you really expect from a site devoted to money? Seriously, they don’t have a sports section, rather a “SportsMoney” section – if that tells you anything. I look at most of the teams on this list and all I see is bandwagon marketing and ludicrous payrolls. What a joke.

Perhaps we didn’t qualify because we are the world’s best fans? That must be it.


  1. How do I know this poll is a joke? Besides the fact the Packers are off the list, the Chicago Blackhawks are #16.


    I live in Chicago and for approx 15 years their fans left because the team sucked and the owner was a jerk. It wasn't until Old Man Wirtz died that the fans came back. They put the games on tv (finally) and put a quality team together.

    Packer fans rest assured, this list is complete BS.

  2. The list is spot on, they just mis-titled it.
    "Americas Biggest Bandwagons"

  3. The phillies were uniquely aided in their rankings. In addition to the previously mentioned criteria, an organization is given bonus points if their fans vomit on little girls. This pushed the phillies into the top 16.


  4. No team that plays in an place named the Quicken Loans Arena should be on any fan list. Cleveland didn't even have enough people living in it's metro area until the late 90's to fill and arena.

  5. Since when in the history of man has merch sales been associated with the quality of the fan. Most Packer Fans can't afford to buy shit. Sacrificing a mortgage payment or raising your kids on grilled cheese sandwiches so you can keep your season tickets, now thats a Fan.

    OLD TIMER: How's your Dad doing?

    PINK: Er, he's doing great.

    OLD TIMER: This arm ready to throw about two thousand yards next fall?

    PINK: I don't know we'll see.

    OLD TIMER: We're depending on you boys and let me tell you what. You're looking good. Thirteen starters coming back. Twenty-two lettermen looking tough.

    PINK: Er yeah. Well you folks take care.

    OLD TIMER: Okay good to see you Randy.

  7. You ever think about why we play football, Donny?


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