Monday, August 23, 2010

Franklin's Grade for Seattle vs. Green Bay

I noticed that everyone enjoys doing a grade of recent Packers games, I mean, this guy even grades the graders…consider my MIND. BLOWN, dude. So, anyway, I thought I would throw my two cents in. I give the Green Bay/Seattle tilt an A+. But like most stuff here at the Ranter, I have a little different take on things…

Many important factors went into this highest of marks.

1) The Company in My Living Room: Unfortunately it is few and far between these days, but my Packer game viewing partner was none other than Robert Greenfield. Yep, that’s right, Robert made the journey across the land of cheese and beer, and spent the weekend maneuvering the enemy territory of Minneapolis.

2) The Topics of Conversation: In addition to being able to watch the game, Robert and I were able to discuss the results of our fantasy football draft that had taken place earlier in the evening. Not much tops watching a Packer game and comparing the rosters of my squad,“The White Outs”, and Robert’s, “Fields of Green and Gold”. (FYI – The White Out’s is better)

3) The Food: Robert and I decided to go whole hog on the meal for the game. Actually, we went whole cow and destroyed two steaks that dripped with juicy goodness. Mrs. Greenfield, just so you don’t worry, even through the meat-drunkenness that soon followed, we still ate our veggie kabobs.

4) The Libations: Generous helpings of beer and single-malt always lead to high marks.

5) The Game: Truth be told, the conversation, the booze, and the meat sweats kind of overshadowed the actual game for me. However, if I can see Aaron Rodgers pilot a bombing run right into Greg Jennings’ outstretched hands, and I can stand and give a guttural, “HI-YO!” at the top of my lungs to start the game, then I’m happy. I’m easy to please, I know.

6) The Grading Process: The fact that so many other people I read and respect give out grades for each game, means I don’t have to. And let me tell you, I am nothing if I don’t have the ability to shirk off work.

Hmmm....interesting, I might have just convinced myself to bump it up to an A++ at this point, and it’s only a meaningless preseason was a damn good Saturday.


  1. Well that's one of the better break downs I've read. Come to think of it all I had was some ice cream for dinner and about 12 beers. If I had given a grade at the end if the game it would have been an A or better. Of course I rewatched the game sober and saw how horrible Breno was.

  2. the only thing missing from this post, pictures of the event. Therefore I grade this post an A--. Look for further explanation of grade at

  3. Lol. Jayme, that's one of the best comments we've ever had. You're right, pictures would have topped it off.

    If you're looking for other writers for your grading website, I'd be happy to contribute, it seems like something I'd be into.

  4. Last weekend was fantastic. The joy of watching a Packer game with my fellow Ranter felt like the glory days. In fact, I agree with just about everything except that Fields of Green and Gold is perhaps the greatest team ever assembled.

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  6. Woot! This article was so awesome that it actually attracted a spammer! But, I have to give it an A-. For the lack of Favre related content. We all know how it goes nowadays. You don't talk about Favre, you're not a cool cat.

  7. Sounds like a lovely Saturday evening.

  8. Superb. Really superb. It really was superb.

  9. You ain't got no Schlitz Malt liquor?

  10. Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!


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