Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Caption Contest #2

Welcome back to Friday...I love Fridays, and you should too because the Packer Ranter is once again giving away a cash prize for the funniest caption comment for the picture below as judged by Robert and myself! Only your first submission received today will be considered, so put your best caption foot forward.

The winner will receive 100 pennies in the form of one dollar payable via PayPal. Yeah, I know it’s only a dollar, but it’s more about the pride of winning and enjoying some Friday fun. Plus, what else are you doing that you can’t spare a minute to submit something? No. Really. What else else are you doing? That's what I thought...

...and, yes, that IS a purse Mooch is holding.


  1. Favre: See Mooch I can do whatever I want here, even take a leak in my helmet and put it on coach Chil...... Oh hey coach!

  2. Chilly - I got a Croc ring.
    Farve - No way can I see?
    thrid guy - Nothing to see

  3. "Who do you guys think you are, Jenn Steger?"

  4. "It's okay, coach. I really didn't listen to 'Mooch' either."

  5. Chilly: Brett, it looks better on a Vikings helmet than it did on a Croc. Mooch, lend me your phone so I can get a picture - what's Jenn's number?

  6. Holy s%&(.. he does know a bit of the offense!

  7. Favre: Chad Ochocinco has that towell, I'll show him! Yeah, that's much better. Only it's not crocked enough...
    Mooch: You're right, I remember it being way more crocked.
    Chilly: Don't worry, Brett. I'll give you a hand.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Cant send any more pictures of that, I'm a grandpa!

  10. Coach, I didn't recognize you without your Blond Ambition World Tour headset.

  11. Favre "Who? This guy? My new agent. I fired Bus-he couldn't get me a Crocs marketing deal. Just goes with me everywhere now, like Yoko did with John Lennon"

    Chilly "I thought there was something weird when he wanted to size up my feet."

  12. chilly.... I love you soooo much Brett. How do you like the new helmet/camera phone I got ya?
    Brett..... thanks coach, Jens gonna love the close up.
    Mooch.... Why am I soooo gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  13. It's called Peek-a-boo helmet. I remove the helmet . . . peek-a-boo!

  14. Childress: So that's where you got the number '4' for your jersey Brent?
    Brent: Shut up!
    Mariucci: I've been chasing the wrong quaterback! I wonder if that '12' on Aaron Rodgers jersey means anything?!

  15. "You don't think I can fill it? Oh, I can fill it!
    Just give me a sec . . . .
    Hold on . . .
    It. takes. a little longer. than it used to. . .
    no, wait, I can do this."

  16. Well played everyone - there were several fantastic comments. After deliberating, we loved the very first comment the most from Max with Graham in a close second. Ginsberg, I assume that was yours?

    Thanks to everyone who participated. They'll be plenty more chances down the road.

  17. Would the real "Max" please come forward and email to collect. If we don't hear from you before Friday, it will go to the second place winner. Thanks!

  18. Brent - (huge fart)
    Chilly - "Doornob"

    I know it's late but I had to add something.


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