Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Hail Mary

I’m guessing right about now Brad Childress is on the phone with Cameron Crowe, trying to find out what Lloyd Dobbler would do if he were Chili and Diane Court was Favre.


  1. Want further proof Packer Ranter is genius?

    Look at the above post.

    Enough said.

  2. Too kind guys - thank you. Got the idea listening to Jim Rome over lunch today. If you ever met us in person, you'd be thoroughly disappointed:)

  3. Not true, Robert. Not true. I bolster people's opinion of us by buying them beers. People LOVE us.

    ....and this was genius.

  4. Post of the summer: The poem on July 19th. Lively and creative

    Pic of the summer: Childress pic on Aug 3rd. Touching and heartwarming.

    Topical reference of the summer:
    effing yard work! never a break and I still got quack grass growing like friggin winter wheat!

  5. Side note:

    Nuts on prediction of the summer:
    Yes that was me voting that favre will retire. I know things. Things that would make you scream.


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