Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It Really Ties the Room Together

Should be plenty of these around on Tuesday morning. Please browse and take your pick. Orders will be taken directly by Soldier Field staff members.

The one below is just for the Vikings fans. It's more their style:

PS - The Bears Still Suck


  1. All furs but the last one were a gift by Mr. Matthews. Apparently, he was bothered that the pets pissed on his floor, so he gave them a slap. Mr. Matthews isn't aware of his own strenght, however, and though, as you can all see, it's a reoccurrent thing, he can't control himself.

    Mr. Matthews just loves slapping bears, you see...

  2. Mr. Matthews is not very fond of a certain sulky, emo, christmassy character, however. He pledges not to leave a single part for later identification when he encounters the said person the next September 27th...

  3. Goddamn it, Crazy Ivan, I told you...the Cold War is over.


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