Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Caption Contest #6

Glory days. We've all had them, although maybe not quite like this! Sure he's out this week with another injury, but that won't keep Matthew Stafford from getting punked.

Post your best caption and you'll not only be the envy of our modest yet awesome readership, you'll also receiving the coveted Tracy White Certificate of Excellence.

Only first submissions will considered - anything more is still awesome though! Good luck, and Go Pack!!
Update. We're giving this one to Ms. Quarter. We both LOL'd at her comment that suggested Stafford spiked (or roofied?) the girl's drink second from left. Well played!


  1. Matt, what the hell did you put in my drink?"

    (see second gal on the left)

  2. Do all these hot girls make my sunglasses look less gay?

  3. Hey Roethlisberger, put the camera down and come join the festivities!

  4. "I am SOOO glad you ladies take credit cards. which slot should i swipe it through?"

  5. Option A:

    Option B:

    "Coach, I can't play. My shoulder hurts too much!! Ouch! Ouch! SO wish I could play! DAMN!"

  6. I like doing things on boats . . . learned it from a Vikings' friend of mine.

  7. Happy 4th of July! Oh, I meant happy 4 in July!

  8. "two words, man: seven boobs!! I mean 8- 8 boobs, although that one should count as a half. yeah, look at it, you know whati'msayin!"


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