Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keep Yourself Busy Today

There's a saying that goes something like, idle hands are the Devil's....workshop?...playthings? Well, they're one of those things, or all of those. Either way, the gist of the statement is that idle hands are not good. They are especially not good on Super Bowl Eve Day. If you don't have a plan for how you are going to spend your day, you will most likely 1) find yourself getting into shenanigans and/or 2) going crazy with anticipation. It is best to keep busy today. Put together a to-do list, or have someone you trust put one together for you.  The following is my to-do list, maybe you can draw some inspiration to keep you out of trouble:

1) Make some breakfast. Normally, I'm a cereal guy. Get in, get out, get on with the day, but today, I thought it best to take some time and savor it. I'm putting together an omelet that would make Sheboygan, Tomah, and Hayward jealous. 8 eggs, 2 brats, a brick of aged cheddar, and enough peppers and onions to feed section 112 of Lambeau. Top it off with some hot sauce and kraut, and this should take me about an hour and a half to eat.

2) Watch Rambo on Spike? Hmmm...this new one intrigues me. I'll give it a few minutes.

3) Check out Aaron Nagler's Madden sim to get a feel for how the game will go tomorrow. Wow, looks like Aaron did some extensive sideline reporting from this game.  Green Bay 34 Pittsburgh 7? That's right, indeed.

4) Impatiently stare out the window waiting for FedEx to bring my Charles Woodson Super Bowl XLV shirt...time is running out NFL Shop. You. Won't. Like. Me. When. I'm. Angry.

5) Remove ice dams from roof. Owning a house is a full-time job. I need a vacation from it.

6) Shine my framed Greg Jennings autographed photo. You've got to look sharp for the big game, don't you Greg?

7) Grocery shopping. More brats. More kraut. More burgers. More ketchup. More mustard. More cheese. More avocado for more guac. More chips. More summer sausage. More veggies. More dip. More. More. More. MOAR!

8) Visit liquor store. You know, just to look.

9) See "True Grit". Rooster Cogburn abides, man.

10) Hit up a Saturday afternoon happy hour to calm the nerves that will for sure have built up despite my busy schedule. Ummm... I may need to rethink this item, it is getting dangerously close to getting back to those idle hands that caused this list to be created in the first place. It could have a calming affect, or it could be like throwing gasoline on fire. On the plus side, that fire could conceivably keep me warm right up until game time. I will proceed with caution here.

11) Make game prediction after intensive research and number crunching. Wait, I don't even need to do that, I know the score already. Packers 38, Steelers 0.7

...okay, I thought John Rambo killed a lot of scumbags in First Blood: I, II, and III, but I'm pretty sure I just watched him double his lifetime kill total. FYI - Life expectancy of Burmese soldiers is at an all time low.

12) ....

Wait, what the hell? There's a Rambo family ranch?!?! That just doesn't mesh with my mental image of John Rambo. This is really throwing me off. I'm going to have to put this list-making on hold for awhile and make a 5-alarm spicy bloody mary and contemplate this.


Damn, too late.

Go Pack!


  1. Lists are essential. Otherwise you never finish anyth

  2. Hope you have a plan for The Day itself. I'll suggest more brats, cheese and kraut and less time thinking of the Rambo ranch.

    BTW, the Rambo ranch in Palacios, TX has some mighty fine goats for sale.

  3. I told coworkers that I just wanted to see a good game. All that went out the window when I exploded screaming myself horse with curse words at the B.S. facemask call!
    I am a savage GO PACK!!! screaming madman!


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