Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Message to Green Bay & Brown County's Finest

I wanted to give a little heads up to the Green Bay Police and Brown County Sheriff's Department. I understand that you need to keep the peace and protect the citizens of Green Bay proper and the Brown County area, but I need to ask you a favor. (I'm being generous here by asking. I could just tell you.) I need you to turn the other way when patrolling the Green Bay street newly named, "McCarthy's Way". I'm not saying let every speeding mini-van or red-light running pickup with the naked lady mudflaps get off scott-free, but I am asking that when you see a 1977 T-Top Trans Am flying down McCarthy's Way, you look the other way and grab another donut or a giant piece of beef jerky.


Cool. Thanks.

You see, that t-topped, turbo-charged beauty is Mike McCarthy's new ride. Mark Murphy and muscle car enthusiast Ted Thompson gave Coach McCarthy this sweet ride as congratulatory gift after the Super Bowl. Why a 1977 Trans Am? Because as you can see above, 1) McCarthy looks damn good flashing the "Victory" sign in it and 2) his favorite actress is Sally Field, and who can blame him for that?

I appreciate your consideration on this matter. After all, if you have a street named after you, you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest extent, and I hope McCarthy does whipping donuts and outrunning Staties.

PS - To the Green Bay City Council member who opposes this street re-naming as "frivolous spending", I ask that you think about how much money the Green Bay Packers contribute to your city's budget....I'll wait.

Yeaaaah, that's pretty frivolous too right?

Wait, are you a Favre fan? Oh, that explains it....


  1. I take my hat off for one thing, one thing only...Super Bowl wins.

  2. If McCarthy is the Bandit, who plays Buford T. Justice?

  3. Well played, Max.

    John, that is the eternal question that I stuggle with on a daily basis. Who is Buford T. Justice, indeed.

  4. Forward thinking modern Peace Officers are opting more and more for turkey jerky. All the taste without the unnecessary binding that comes after. We still have cheese for that.

  5. The questions is who takes the checkered flag when McCarthy and Rodgers go head to head down a 1/4" mile of McCarthy Way? Old Vs. New, Youth Vs. Experience. This could be a battle of epic proportions.


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